World Population Growth
Population Explosion

Excerpt from “The Joy of Statistics” documentary. Watch social populations from across the globe race from the backwoods of history, through time to the current day…and see how China…is moving in ways you’d never expect.

To view the video, click on caption in photo.

In this video, Hans Rosling shows the correlation between health (life expectation) and the wealth of countries, which has caused the population explosion.

Because two things happen, it doesn’t mean they’re related. You be the judge.




  1. Thanks for posting this video Rolly. It does make one wonder but are the results any different than what we thought? The example of China and how regions within it compare is startling. Does it not simply mean that a nation with a population of 1.3 billion souls cannot be lumped into one country where all peoples have equal access to, let’s say medical services? China is in the midst of an industrial revolution where one would imagine medical services, access to health information, steady diet of high quality food stuffs varies from region to region. There are also considerations, such as the availability of vaccines, exposure to war and disease, maternal and infant care. The other factor is credibility of statistics.

    • You are quite right in expressing a concern for the credibility of statistics. Everyone knows you can make stats say what you want. It is however an entertaining way of depicting in a broad sense the evolution of mankind over the span of several hundred years.

      Thanks for your comment and forgive me for the tardiness in responding to your comment.


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