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Jim Harris at Ideacity
Jim Harris at Ideacity

I’m pleased to feature Jim Harris’ Ideacity talk  during which he shares facts about sustainability that may come as a surprise. He points out that being green can be quite profitable and is good for both the bottom line and the environment. If you like TED talks on-line, you will like Canada’s version at Ideacity.

Here are some interesting points made during his talk:

  • In one hour, more energy falls on the earth from the sun than the total amount of energy consumed globally in an entire year
  • Companies like Walmart and Dell are finding ‘simple solutions’ to conserve and save energy adding hundreds of millions to their bottom line
  • Henry Ford’s first cars were getting 25 mpg and, in spite of a thousand fold increase in technological progress, the average SUV today gets less than 20 mpg

You can listen to the Ideacity talk on sustainability and also read a previous post by Jim Harris featured on at Six Surprising Sustainability Facts.

Jim Harris is an internationally renowned business and environmental speaker.  He is the author of Blindsided, a #1 international bestseller published in 80 countries. He speaks at 40 conferences a year around the world. You can reach him through or follow him on Twitter @jimharris

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  1. This talk complements your article posted earlier on this site. Sustainability and green energy are very much on everybody’s mind these days because of the extreme weather-related events going on in the US. 
    Someone said once that a crisis is a bad thing to waste. We have a crisis in the US mid-west right now – a sign of what is to come down the road.Americans should be screaming at their politicians who for the most part are so focused on re-election in November that they have their heads completely deep in the sand.


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