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The Story of Change is a short movie about stepping out of our consumer mindset and into full power as citizens to build a better future.

What kind of ChangeMaker are You?
What kind of ChangeMaker are you?
The Story of Stuff and Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

In our continuing work with The Story of Stuff,  BoomerWarrior is asking “What kind of ChangeMaker are you? All of us are affected by change but some of us drive the change process by being active and involved in various causes and campaigns. Annie Leaonard and her team are indeed true changemakers.

We hope you will take the Changemaker Challenge, and use the platform  to share your action ideas and commitments.Ready to make some change? Want to help write the next chapter in the Story of Stuff? Whatever you have to offer, a better future needs it!

Take our Changemaker Personality Quiz to see how you show up in the world and what role you can play in the Story of Stuff Community and beyond. I did it and here are my results. Have fun!


Communicators like you tell the stories and share information that build our power, bring us closer together and closer to a better future. Here’s how:

  • Using your creativity and expression to share knowledge in compelling and accessible ways, whether through art, film, oratory, music, online or innumerable other ways.
  • Reminding people about all the ways we’re connected.
  • Spreading news, information and ideas to other Changemaker Personalities.

Some Notable Communicators who have done awesome things to change the world: Pete Seeger, Arundhati Roy, Michael Moore, Sojourner Truth, Favianna Rodriquez, Dennis Brutus, Amy Goodman, Bernice Reagan Johnson, Free Range Studios.

BoomerWarrior.Org is proud to be a part of the Story of Stuff Community.

Share to raise climate awareness


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