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In its continuing collaboration with Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff project, BoomerWarrior is pleased to post this request for assistance by Annie Leonard in spreading the message about the importance of voter turnout in the US Elections on November 6. BoomerWarrior has featured two recent posts about the Story of Stuff Project – The Story of Change & Are You a Changemaker? (Editor –

The Story of Stuff and Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

Annie’s Request

It’s election season in the United States and while I wish I could report democracy is alive and well here in my home country, the truth is it’s a mixed bag.

We’ve got billionaires writing huge checks to shadowy campaign groups, and a wholesale effort to disenfranchise poor voters and voters of color – but we’ve also got a lot of great candidates, at every level of government, running uphill battles to honorably represent their fellow citizens.

Those candidates who will prioritize the well being of people and the planet need our support – yet millions of eligible voters in my country sit out election after election. So we’re reaching out to members of our Community, encouraging them to be counted this Election Day.

Even though you may live outside the U.S., we thought you would want to see the election-related resources we’re offering this month to the Changemakers in our Community. If you have friends in the U.S., please forward these to them and encourage them to vote.

1.Americans: Register…Then Vote

I’ve got a new blog post up urging my fellow Americans to register and vote. We’re reminding our fellow countrymen that big corporations can outspend us but they can only outvote us if we don’t show up on Election Day. If your country has higher voter turnout rates than the U.S. (and almost every country does), we would love to hear from you. Please post a comment on our blog to share any ideas we could try here to get people to engage on Election Day.

2. Overturn Citizens United v. FEC

We in the United States have a lot of work to do to wrest our democracy back from the corporations and billionaires who want to preserve the dinosaur economy. Passing a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2009 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC is a key part of reclaiming our democracy. That’s the decision that enabled corporations and the super rich to spend as much as they want telling you and me who to vote for. No limits!

Please watch our movie – The Story of Citizens United v. FEC – and share it with friends to help push it past the 500,000-view mark by Election Day on November 6th. You can also contribute to our LoudSauce campaign to get the movie in front of 750,000 more Americans this fall through online advertising.  While this is a U.S. Supreme Court decision, we all know that actions by the U.S. government, military and corporations have repercussions the world over, so the sooner we can get our democracy working for good, the better for everyone!

3. Learn How to Make Change Everyday

In every country in the world, people are talking about how to make change. So we think you’ll like the two latest episodes of The Good Stuff, our podcast series, exploring this very topic.

In June, Annie sat down with 10 phenomenal Changemakers, including Van Jones and Ralph Nader, to talk change. The two resulting podcasts-one on what it means to be a citizen; the other on how we make change-are now available on our site.

I hope you find these resources useful. While the voter registration details are specific to the U.S., the struggle to get our governments working for healthy communities and a sustainable environment is a global one.

Thanks for being part of our Community and keep making change!


Share to raise climate awareness


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