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Article by Peter Carter previously posted on Uprage

The 2012 US election is going down in history, right now, as the year American politics wrote off the American people. It is the great historic mystery of how, under the climate change president, global climate change was rejected as an issue.

Can the candidates say global warming and drought?This is not President Obama’s fault. It is clear Obama does not have the US media with him. His post-debate “fight back” issued by his campaign office was reported as all pro-Romney.

Not surprisingly, the polls now show Romney (the Joker) leading the ‘Full of Hope’ President.

The election is going down in history because while the candidates are avoiding global warming, prolonged historic drought has been brought to the US by global warming, and it can devastate the US and world food security in a mere few years.

Extreme weather causing droughts in US mid-westThe extreme US drought, rather than letting up this autumn, is getting even worse. The forecast is that the entire great American breadbasket will be in drought through to December. What the Hell is happening?

While the US Republican Party has been working its evil political campaign of global warming denial, nothing has ever been more obvious than the fact that global warming causes more drought. The insidious success of this PR denial campaign now has us on the brink (if not past) of committed planetary catastrophe that would wipe out most life.

Did I say evil? It’s beyond evil to go on, after all these years, lying and deceiving about global warming — as more climate change disasters hit more people on every continent — all for more profit.

It is now more than global warming. It’s the deadly climate-change-amplifying complications of global warming that are hitting the US and the world now.

While the 2012 Arctic summer sea ice was quite rightly recognized as a dramatic historic event, the media did not explain the full extent of why. The sea ice loss was reported as a historic visual event that would be interesting to watch, when in fact it is condemning the planet to runaway methane global heating catastrophe.

The sea ice collapse was not the only all-time historic record. What Americans have not been told by their ubiquitous information industry is that the US summer warming was a record and the Northern Hemisphere snow retreat, particularly over the far American north, was a record.

The science has recently been published showing, not surprisingly, that the rapid loss of far north snow cover, which occurs as spring and summer reach the Arctic, drives increased drought and, most significantly, prolonged drought as a “blocked” extreme weather event. (Blocked as in stuck or unable to shift.) This is what is happening and it’s no joke. It’s a potential nation killer because global warming is real and can only increase.

What we are seeing in real time and the real world is greenhouse global warming and loss of Northern Hemisphere snow cover (caused by the global warming) and the resulting loss of albedo cooling combining warming forces over the centre of the North American continent — bringing severe, spreading and prolonged drought.

If ever there was time when the US needed decisive leadership, this is it. If ever there was a time when the world needed intelligent American climate policy leadership, this is it.

That is not to be, for the days of political leadership are history. Even the US president is led by his handlers and they are pollsters and spin doctors, for which global climate change is merely a minute-by-minute political advantage or risk. They have decided it is a risk for Obama, so presto, global warming vanishes behind the media smoke and mirrors.

The PR decision goes back to 2008. Since the successful GOP spin of Obama’s fine ocean-rise-slowing, Earth-healing 2008 speech, the president has been on a tight environmental leash. This is so, so dumb — but that’s what PR politics is.

What about US civil society, the big environmental and social justice NGOs based in the US? They are playing the exact same game. They are run by PR environmental politics. They have been incredibly silent about climate change the past couple of years. Global climate change politics is on hold — but the changing climate is not. The race for the planet and for a future is being lost by political expediency and pandering.

PR politics is disgustingly cynical. It assumes the American people have no sense and no heart, that people do not know what is good for them. That is true of the PR industry, not the people. Americans know global warming is behind the historic US drought. According to the latest survey, “a large and growing majority of Americans (74%) say ‘global warming is affecting weather in the United States.”

The NGOs know their future rests with an Obama win, and they are carefully, but foolishly, taking their lead from the Obama election campaign (if it can now be called that), even to the absurd extent of joining the election denial of climate change. They are keeping tight lipped on the climate, trusting that the President knows best and will win the day for them. That’s damn dumb of them.

We face a great political drought of sense, of integrity, and of caring created by the PR industry and spread by the corporate media.

The American life blood out on the prairies is being drained and American freedom is being choked, but the PR hacks don’t care.

Never has there been anything so democratically or morally negligent as keeping climate change out of this election. That’s what PR politics is and what democracy has succumbed to.

Who, then, is going to lead us out of this nightmare? We are. We, the people. We must take control of this madness to save our future.

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