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From the Guardian: “The climate change talks in Doha are emitting a gigaton of graphs, statistics and numerical predictions. We’ve scooped all the numbers together and condensed them into a single diagram. It lays out the perils and potential effects of our global CO2 habit – and the urgency to balance our “carbon budget”.

Gigatons added since the year 1850:

  • From 1850 to 2000 – 1,020 Gigatons
  • Since 2000 – 380 Gigatons
  • Our Carbon Budget (amount we can still add safely) – 500 Gigatons
  • Known reserves of top fossil-fuel companies – 745 Gigatons
  • Estimated remaining fossil-fuel reserves – 2,050 Gigatons
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Climate change talks in Doha

Source of Image: Information Is Beautiful, posted on The Guardian DataBlog

The Doha climate talks have come and gone, and much like the previous summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012 (Rio+20), the debate will continue and world leaders will reaffirm their commitment to work jointly on tackling climate change.

Rio+20 only proved that world leaders are not able to come together and lead for the sake of humanity.  Once again the world’s leaders have abdicated their responsibility for the future of our children and grandchildren. I am truly ashamed of all of them. Quote from Rio+20 The Great Abdication.


Share to raise climate awareness


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