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Climate MarchThe Great March for Climate Action (non-profit organization) was launched on March 1, 2013 by former Iowa lawmaker Ed Fallon. “Since probably 2007, I’ve identified the climate crisis as the most serious challenge facing our planet, and I’ve been pondering ways in which I could most effectively help address it,” said Fallon at the time of the announcement. “Climate change is not the prevailing issue confronting our society – it is the prevailing crisis!” says Fallon. “This needs to become the defining issue of this century.”

The goal of the Great March for Climate Action (excerpt from website) is to change the heart and mind of Americans and their elected leaders. On March 1, 2014, 1,000 climate marchers will set-out from Los Angeles, walking 2,980 miles across America to Washington, DC, inspiring and motivating the general public and elected officials to act now to address the climate crisis. This will be the largest coast-to-coast march in American history.

This will be this generation’s ultimate call to action against an enemy which threatens the very survival of our species. We must not fail, “because if we fail to fix this, we fail on everything,” says Dr. Peter Carter of Uprage.

This following video was published by Zach Heffermen on July 15, 2013. Zach is a member of the Climate Leaders Training Group.

Climate Change is not the prevailing issue facing society, it is the prevailing crisis.“This needs to become the defining issue of this century.”

Like those before us, we have some steps to take

As far as I have to, as long as it takes, for my children, for my grandchildren and the future of life everywhere

7,000,000 steps, 246 days, 3,000 miles

View this video ~ Published on July 15, 2013, Director, Producer and Chief Editor: Zach Heffernen

Why a March? ~ Ed Fallon speech, March 1, 2013

“Why a march? Throughout history, marches have been powerful tools to mobilize people – physically, spiritually, and politically. In 1913, the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington, DC numbered 5,000 strong. In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi led the 240-mile Salt March to defy Britain’s imperial power. In 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr led the five-day march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery. And in 1986, the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament left Los Angeles on March 1st, traveling 3,700 miles to finish in Washington, DC on November 15th.

This is a national campaign, appealing to an international audience, addressing a global crisis. It’s an undertaking of massive proportions.

The organization has just begun to take marcher applications. “I anticipate to receive a large influx of applications that first month,” reports Zach Heffernen (Marcher Director) in his guest blogger article of June 18 in Climate Progress.

“So far, Great March for Climate Action has enjoyed several prestigious endorsements, including but not limited to: and Bill McKibben, Iowa Representative Bruce Braley, Iowa Senator Rob Hogg, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the Center for Biological Diversity. More are coming in every week.


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  1. There is a lot of debate by intellectual world about human intervention and climate change. Meanwhile common people around the world are suffering the wrath of earth’s aggravated forces. We have evolved from bullock cart to Jet planes, but the truth is that our knowledge of nature is a big zero. We do not know what gives gravity and mass to matter? why speed of light is maximum? How instantaneous communication exist? Why gene is a triplet code, Why DNA is double helical? Why mitotic and meiotic division and so on — Climate Change is attributed to CO2. In reality we need to understand it reducing it down to energy to matter ratio and the knowledge how earth struggles to sustain heat or energy of the system. If we try to look at it in terms of CO2 then we need to look at it from ratio of O2 to CO2 that is vital to all life. The only scientist who seem to be in right path about nature, I feel is Noble Laureate James Lovelock. He has rightly predicted large scale destruction of humanity by virtue of heat in his book “Vanishing Face of Gaia – The Final Warning”. he is being overlooked by intellectual world – The only hope for humanity is awakening to Truth.

  2. John, you said that ” our knowledge of nature is a big zero” I presume you are speaking of your knowledge. Most people have considerable interest and knowledge, but it it neither total nor perfect. You make the CO2 and global warming issue more complicated than it is. CO2 keeps heat in the atmosphere, like a green house does. The CO2 levels are rising and I contribute to that as I sit here breathing. The world is getting warmer. Climate is changing. An interesting number seldom quoted is that a 1 C temp rise, increases the amount of moisture carried in the air by 7 %. Thus greater floods occur where moisture is being lost, and dry areas loose even more moisture, thus greater extremes of weather. Water in the air is the power that drives storms. Warmer air means more moisture in the air, and more power to drive storms. My knowledge is not a big zero.
    There is too much negative momentum that is accelerating around the world. There is an inevitable global catastrophy that will correct global population growth, which can only be sustained with massive amounts of fossil fuels. Our planet cannot support 7 billion people with back yard organic gardens. Despite that, we are heading to 10 billion people, just as affordable fossil fuels run out to sustain it. Simplly understanding that, does not keep people from enjoying far away holidays, cummuting a half hour or more to work, and we live in over sized housing. There is no way around a global catastrophy, even the knowledge that it is inevitable. I am most fortunate to live in a time where i can contribute to the catastrophy, rather than trying to survive the catastropy. Selfish, I know. I live in the best country in the world, in the best time in history, it will never be this good again. It cant be.

  3. Hi Steves this is little long but says the point

    Truth of Nature and her Functioning
    We all know our universe is energy and matter. Heat is Energy. It is the amount of energy in a system measured in Joules. Heat Creates disorder, beyond some point it can break down the system.
    Temperature is the MEASURE of the AVERAGE molecular motions in a system and simply has units of degrees. They are related, because when energy/heat is supplied to a system the molecular motion increases. A primary difference is that energy can be transported without the temperature of a substance changing. Now look at Earth. It has “Parallel and Multiple world Design” When one part opens its face to Sun [light/heat] and goes into disorder, simultaneously another part of Earth opens its face to darkness and it goes in to new order. There is a mechanism for heat or energy transport so that temperature remains constant. This happens we know in 12 hour cycle. There is a bigger cycle with its own peak and fall. Similarly there are bigger cycle of 12 years and so on forming Universal Time Cycle.

    Now let us observe how we are influencing the heat and therefore the Energy of the environment. This reveals a startling fact. With industrial Era we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. Every technology is said to be only 30% efficient. rest is added as heat. our mobile, computer and all form radiation add immense heat into the environment. With Globalization we have intruded into the night cycle and thus reduced the time cycle in which she cools the environment. We are thus upsetting earth’s functioning to sustain certain balance of Energy to matter ratio. This is further augmented by loss of forest and greenery, which absorbs light/heat and uses carbon dioxide to create biological mass and releases O2 that maintains the vital ratio of CO2 to O2 balance.

    Important Note – The direct consequence is “accelerated change” of environment. Energy peaks and falls in abrupt and fast rate, in order to maintain its temperature. These can be compared to signs of life that is breathing its last breath. This means one may not observe a rise in temperature. But we will witness increased destruction by double edged sword. When one part is getting destroyed by Fire/wind [Unwinding Force of Sun and Human activity] another part simultaneously experiences flash floods/snows [winding force of earth]. This winding force causes stress in air in earth leading to huge mud slides, sinkholes. It also causes increased earth quake and volcanic eruptions virtually splitting earth. Volcanic eruptions are known to cool earth’s environment inducing ice-age. Many civilization gets buried beneath sea and earth.


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