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One of the popular myths too common in the Climate Change conversation is that  “It’s Too Hard.” Deniers claim that shifting over to clean energy would not only require changing our way of life, but could shut down our economy and still wouldn’t solve the problem. With claims like “Clean coal is the answer” and “Renewable energy is too expensive,” it’s incredibly important to debunk this myth and prove the deniers wrong. (Climate Reality Project)


Climate Reality, It's Too Hard.So you take your car to the shop before leaving for a well deserved vacation with your family. You love and value everything about your kids and your spouse. You would never risk their safety nor their future. So do you listen to the shop mechanic who says your vehicle needs new brakes or do you put it off for a few days or weeks or months?

What if 97% of all mechanics agree your brakes are shot. And what if 3% say the car’s just fine. We listen to experts when they agree, don’t we?

Now just transfer that logic to Climate Change where 97 percent of scientists agree that man-made Climate Change is real. It’s a threat to the future and the very survival of our children and grandchildren.

It’s Time to Listen!


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Rolly Montpellier is the Founder and Managing Editor of BoomerWarrior.Org.

Rolly is also a registered Climate Leader (Climate Reality Leadership Corps) a blogger, an activist and a writer.

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  1. I have no problem with the claim that we are experiencing climate change. I have a big problem with your mechanic and brake analogy. Clever but fallacious.

    Climate change is a complex issue characterized by many variables some as yet not known and is a theory not a fact. Many measures are not clear yet. We have inferred that humans are responsible for climate change. I believe that we are responsible but that we are the tipping point for a long-range trend that is accelerating because of our actions.

    A mechanic can measure the amount of wear and calculate the amount over the life of the brake pads and calculate how much wear is left both in terms of amount and time to reach it. A much more precise activity although not exact. Climate change is not as robust.

  2. Herb – thank you for your comment.

    And your’re right in saying the analogy is a clever one. But I don’t agree that it is entirely wrong. It has to do with consensus of course. There is an overwhelming view that man-caused climate change is occurring but it is not the only factor in play. What concerns me very deeply is that the rate of change is unprecedented compared to the geological snail-pace of previous climate trends .
    Thanks again.


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