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The purpose of this post is to poke fun at the coal industry’s unsuccessful bid to convince the world that coal is the way of the future. Fortunately, the coal industry’s lies and misinformation will fail – just think tobacco industry – to persuade an increasingly aware public now focused on a future with renewable and sustainable energy.

Recent Ads

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

You have probably noticed the coal industry’s recent ads to try to brand coal as clean. But this is not a new tactic. This has been going on for decades. Richard Conniff wrote about The Myth of Clean Coal in 2008, a year in which the ACCCE (American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity) spent $35 million on its advertising campaign portraying coal as “the fuel that powers our way of life.”

America’s Power asks its followers to support coal and get involved. It argues that coal is affordable, abundant, and clean. Coal is depicted as being America’s power – needed for jobs, a strong economy and world leadership.

Smoking is BelievingThe coal industry is in panic mode as some jurisdictions around the globe are moving ahead with global warming legislation and putting a price on carbon – Australia, British Columbia, several European countries. Fortunately, there is a clear precedent that the coal industry will fail in its attempts to deceive the American public. The decades of deception are coming to an end as it did with the tobacco industry. Some of you may remember ads from the seventies when smoking cigarettes was “cool”. Well, tobacco is not cool. And Coal is not cool.

Spoof on Coal

The following three short videos are from ThisIsReality. The intent is clearly to discredit and ridicule the coal industry’s deceitful strategies. I think it works.

State of the Art Clean Coal Facility

Source: ThisisReality, Standard YouTube Licence

Clean Coal Air Freshener

Source: ThisisReality, Standard YouTube License

COALergy Smudge Ad

Source: ThisisReality, Standard YouTube License


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