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Stop Keystone XL and All New Fossil Fuel Megaprojects says Paul Beckwith

Why is Obama not rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline now?

In light of Obama’s 42 minute climate change speech, his understanding on the lack of permanent jobs created, as well as his knowledge on the corrupted environmental assessment report generated by pipeline advocates, one has to wonder what the delay is for? Clearly, Obama will reject the pipeline or completely lose support and credibility and destroy his long-term legacy.

Keystone XLSo why the delay? For one thing, other pipelines are being planned and designed and pretty much slipped under the radar. Like the reversal of Enbridge Line 9 and conversion from natural gas to dilbit and a capacity of 1.1 million barrels per day, much higher than the 0.85 mbd from Keystone XL. By delaying on the Keystone XL, Obama is keeping pressure off these other projects which are threatening to slip in under the radar while people opposed are preoccupied with the Keystone XL.

This needs to change. People opposed to Keystone XL need to ramp up their opposition to all pipeline projects, in fact to all new fossil fuel megaprojects, including coal and pipelines and tankers and also to fracking. The reason is that climate change has moved into a much more rapid and abrupt regime, whereby massive extreme weather events like torrential rains cause floods in some regions, and long-term persistent droughts occur in other regions, all at the whim of a wavy and stuck jet stream.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this article. It all needs to stop right now. We don’t need more oil & gas infrastructure, we need green development and green jobs. Let’s start making mega projects that are worth mega watts of sustainable power!!

    Ya know, a mere year ago, I would have thought…. ya right… no way we can stop these greedy oil & gas corps., and that the tar sands need to stop or at least not expand, but I see that we might just have a chance…. let’s hope and keep spreading the truth!!


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