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I’ve just returned from the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Chicago where some 1,500 people from around the world gathered to learn how to become mentors and world changers to confront the critical issue of our time – Climate Change.

This event has been life-changing for me. I now have the tools to take my skills to the next level to share my story and engage others in the fight of our lives. I join another 5,000 climate leaders from around the globe who are committed to build a better world.

I have been fortunate to learn from Al Gore and a group of world class communicators, strategists and organizers. I have learned how to talk to people about the science of climate change and how the climate crisis affects all of us – you and I. I will be reaching out through social media, my online publication (BoomerWarrior), public speaking, blogging, letter writing, meeting with politicians and storytelling.

This post is about the art of storytelling. One of the presenters at the Chicago training was Jonah Sachs, Co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios.

Our stories shape our future, our stories are cultural DNA….We can create an entirely new world if we find the courage and the inspiration to share our own great stories. I hope you do that because nothing is more important in this world right now.

The following video is about the significance of ‘storytelling’. 

Published on Jan 21, 2013
An internationally recognized storyteller, author, designer and entrepreneur, Jonah Sachs is the co-founder and creative director of Free Range Media. Jonah’s passion lies in exploring the crossroads of ancient storytelling techniques, social responsibility and emerging technologies. He has helped hundreds of social brands and causes break through the media din with campaigns built on sound storytelling strategies. He shows how value-driven stories represent humanity’s greatest hope for the future.

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Rolly Montpellier is  the founder of  BoomerWarrior.Org. and Managing Editor of the BoomerWarrior online publication. Rolly is also a Climate Leader, blogger, activist and writer.

BoomerWarrior is for the socially aware and politically conscious; for the change-makers and thought-provokers; for the light and young at heart; for anyone willing and courageous enough to move forward.


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  1. So glad to hear it went well for you, Rolly!

    Story … yes. Story. Bummersville, but North Americans have become so enamoured of happy endings that I’m not sure they’re going to like a lot of the climate change stories we have to tell. So, do we start fudging the denouement? Or do we make up fictional stories where we all beat climate change and live happily ever after in the end?

    • Hi Greenhearted – That has a nice sound to it by the way.

      I have no intention of fudging the story to appease those who only want to hear the “lived happily ever after” ending. Nobody will live happily ever after if we keep doing what we’re doing.

      And maybe that’s a good way to end a story. Something along the line that “I would like to tell all of you that everything will turn out well just like in a fairy tale. But that is not reality. We need to do more.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. The power of story telling is in its truth. So, fudging or exaggeration are not tools that will work in the long run. Besides, its not necessary.

    Jonah suggested we equate the climate change challenge to other challenges we have faced in our personal lives in order to help bring it down to the personal level. Everyone has their own personal stories to tell. The key is to make it relate to the challenge we face in climate change.

    As a red blooded Canadian, I’ve been a hockey goalie for most of my life. Having been trained with Rolly last week, I have decided to use hockey analogies and stories about what I have experienced and learned through it in my life to help Canadians better understand the challenge we face in saving Canada from climate change.


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