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Expect more extreme weather

Expect more extreme weather, BoomerWarrior

According to Sam Carana of Arctic News, we can expect more extreme weather.

The heaviest rains and floods in 120 years have hit Serbia and Bosnia this week, Reuters and Deutsche Welle report.

The animation below shows the Jet Stream’s impact on the weather. Cold temperatures have descended from the Arctic to Serbia and Bosnia in Europe and in central North America, while Alaska, California, and America’s East Coast are hit by warm temperatures. In California, ‘unprecedented’ wildfires and fierce winds lead to ‘firenadoes’, reports CNN.

Expect more extreme weather

The image below shows that on May 15, 2014, the wind approaching Serbia and Bosnia at 700 hPa reached speeds of up to 120 km per hour (75 mph), as indicated by the green circle on the main image and inset.

Expect more extreme weather, boomerwarrior

The image below, from skeptical science, shows the cyclonic spin that can be expected in a through such as the one that hit Serbia and Bosnia recently.

Expect more extreme weather


As the Jet Stream changes, more extreme weather events can be expected. What makes the Jet Stream change? As the Arctic is warming up faster than the rest of the world, the temperature difference between the Arctic and the equator decreases, in turn decreasing the speed at which the Jet Stream circumnavigates the globe. This can cause ‘blocking patterns’, with extreme weather events hitting an area longer than before.

As the jet stream becomes wavier, cold air can more easily descend from the Arctic down to lower latitudes where the jet stream reaches lower, while warm air can more easily reach higher latitudes where the jet stream goes up higher.

This spells bad news for many areas across the world that can be expected to be hit by more extreme weather events such as heatwaves, wildfires fueled by stronger winds and more intense drought, storms and floods.

Heatwaves are a huge threat in the Arctic, especially when followed by storms that can cause warm surface water to mix down to the bottom of the sea and warm up sediments under the seafloor that can contain huge amounts of methane in the form of hydrates and free gas. The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan blog.

Extreme Weather is Now the New Norm.

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  1. Put more heat under a pot and the water will boil more chaotically. We continue on this present course to our own peril.

  2. I like the way this is written and the visuals, it makes it easier for the “lay” person to understand why the weather is changing and what can be expected because of those changes. We are in for one $%%& of a ride.

  3. In response China is implementing carbon market, California is implementing it climate legislation and has mandated that grid storage systems be developed to balance supply demand from renewable, The US is implementing coal electrical emission carbon regulation. Change is a constant What is unimaginable is how rapid a change from the ecocidal path political and corporate leaders have taken Hummer is out of business. They will not be the last Florida Gov has been unable to state were he stands on climate destabilisation, stating he is not a scientist. Well has he consulted scientists, struck scientific advisory panel to advise him. If not he should resign for negligent conduct in respond to the threats posed by climate destabilisation to the web of life, to humanity, to national security and the economy . Climate destabilisation has not had adequate coverage in the Ontario’s election What is the conservatives plan do they intend to act with criminal negligence? This issue needs to be an election issue. Help make it happen by posting, calling and blogging

    • Gordon – You are right. There is a lot happening. There is beginning to be a heightened sense of awareness and urgency over climate change. That said, politicians are still dropping the ball on this issue. The traditional parties do not have the political guts to talk about climate change during elections for fear that it may alienate voters. I find that insulting. It seems that only the Green Party, both federally and provincially and in the United States for that matter, have the foresight to make it a platform issue.


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