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The New York  gathering of world leaders to discuss climate change was intended to build momentum for the Paris 2015 UNFCCC summit. In Paris, negotiators expect to complete a new international agreement on cutting global warming emissions and tackling climate change. “Climate change is the defining issue of our age,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the opening of the meeting. “It is defining our present. Our response will define our future.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry opened the climate talks by saying:

It’s about time that world leaders come to the United Nations to recognize this threat in the way that it requires and demands…And it gives me hope that this global summit may actually produce the leadership that is necessary to try to come together and move the needle, to take advantage of the small window of time — and I mean that — the small window of time that we have left in order to be able to prevent the worst impacts of climate change from already happening.

Climate Action – the Good and the Bad

President Barack Obama – the good Climate Action - the Good and the Bad, boomer warrior Obama is determined to continue his strong leadership leading up to the December 2015 Paris Summit. In his UN speech on September 23, he was clear that all world leaders “have to do more”:

No one can stand on the sidelines….We can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation, developed and developing alike. Nobody gets a pass….We cannot condemn our children, and their children, to a future that is beyond their capacity to repair.

“By early next year,” Obama said, “the administration will outline broad goals for cutting US emissions after 2020. This is something that every nation has pledged to do by next spring in preparation for the international climate talks.”

Leonardo DiCaprio – the good

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has recently referred to Leonardo DiCaprio as the “new voice for climate advocacy.” Both Ban and DiCaprio were in Sunday’s 400,000-strong People’s Climate March in New York City.

As an actor I pretend for a living. I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe humankind has looked at Climate Change in that same way: as if it were a fiction, happening to someone else’s planet, as if pretending that Climate Change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away.

DiCaprio’s appearance at the Climate Summit in New York.

The people made their voices heard on Sunday around the world and the momentum will not stop. And now it’s YOUR turn, the time to answer the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet… is now.

I beg you to face it with courage. And honesty.

Stephen Harper – the bad Climate Action - the Good and the Bad, boomer warrior Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on the wrong side of the mounting climate mobilization movement.

It’s a well-known fact that Harper has for years pledged to follow the American lead on curbing carbon emissions. He contends that Canada’s greenhouse-gas policy should be close to that of the United States. “Canada cannot act alone because our economy is closely integrated with that of the United States,” has argued Prime Minister Harper. Fair enough.

Obama’s flurry of climate actions has now put tremendous pressure on Canada to step up its efforts on climate change. The ball is undeniably in Harper’s court. It’s your move Mr. Harper.

Five years ago in Copenhagen both countries committed to the same specific goal of reducing carbon emissions to 17 per cent below 2005 levels by 2020. It appears that Obama’s new plan will keep the United States on its 2020 target. Canada’s national goal for is 612 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere in the year 2020. But current policies have Canada on track to emit 734 million tonnes of carbon into the air that year.

Tony Abbott – the bad Climate Action - the Good and the Bad, boomer warrior In Australia, tens of thousands took to the streets just ahead of the Climate Summit in New York with marches in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and Darwin. Protesters denounced Abbott for not attending the New York gathering and his dismantling the good work done to date by previous governments.

Abbott’s ridiculous statements about climate change have been well publicized. In September of 2009, while attending a public function, he said that the science of human-caused climate change was “crap”. After a recent meeting with US President Barack Obama, Abbott told reporters he took climate change very seriously. But that might just be “crap”

Rolly Montpellier, boomer warriorRolly Montpellier is the Founder and Managing Editor of BoomerWarrior.Org. He’s a Climate Reality leader, a blogger and an Climate Activist. Rolly has been published in several online publications – Climate Change Guide, World Daily, Examiner, The Canadian, 350Ottawa, ClimateMama, MyEarth360, GreenDivas, The Elephant, Countercurrents, Georgian Bay News.

Some of Rolly’s articles have also appeared in newspapers such as The Hill Times and the Kingston Whig.

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  1. Oh the leaders, oh the leaders. I believe there will come a time, and very soon, that we will have to move beyond these leaders. Even those like Obama who i do believe will bring us to 17% reductions by 2020 if the proceeding administration holds true to it. But that in itself is so weak I can not get at all excited about it. It does no good to say “it’s at least something. “At least something” in this case is nothing. You can’t be half pregnant.

  2. Oh Rolly, our own “David Cameron,” Prime Minister of the UK, was a big disappointment too – BAD!

    He came, I think, to the Climate Change Summit on false pretenses. He really used the UN forum to push for talks with Middle Eastern UN member countries to bomb Syria to rid it of the Islamic State. I shall not comment on that as this is not the forum for it.

    What David Cameron said about Climate Change tactics in Britain, made me shrivel. He reckoned that Britain was already doing enough and that “Fracking” was the answer for us Brits to be providing clean energy.

    It was a pretty soul-destroying 4 minutes from our illustrious leader, who also managed to insult our Queen by gossiping about her to the former Mayor of New York.

    I sent him a personal tweet to indicate how disappointed in him I was. I also sent a separate tweet to him about another matter – and said he would lose votes in the next election. I don’t suppose he cares about little ol’ me, but if enough people did that, I’m sure he might just get the message.

    Naomi Klein is right – our leadership sucks when it comes to tackling the issue of reducing our carbon emissions and putting the world to rights! We must stand up for ourselves!

  3. while not a fan of DiCaprio’s acting (realize I am in the minority) wow he was sure eloquent and directly on target……

    as I was saying recently to a denier…..If you’re right and “we who believe in man-made climate change” are wrong the worst thing that happens is we get cleaner air/water/soil/food and more “leftover” energy options for our descendants………BUT if the Deniers are wrong and we follow their direction we get death and destruction…………oh and I didn’t even mention the creation of new jobs we can get with cleaner/newer energy options….

    sadly here in MN, USA I see way too many that can’t look at how their actions might be effecting anyone else especially in the future…..

    • Hello Dave C – thank you for your comments.

      Don’t give up. The time will come when the average American and the average Canadian will realize what we’re up against. We must persist in our efforts to reach the masses. That’s what keeps me going. The alternative is despair and depression. So stay active and work harder.


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