The #FireYourFossilBank Campaign

#FireYourFossilBank is a campaign to make Canadians aware that their bank is funding the climate crisis by financing fossil fuel expansion.

Use your money as a powerful weapon to pressure the big banks to do their share in the war on climate change. If enough of us move our money, we will force them to become responsible corporate citizens and align themselves with their clients rather than the fossils.
We suggest using the demands developed by BanktrackAsk your bank to do the following:
  • publicly clarify your position on the relation between climate change and the extraction and burning of fossil fuels;
  • publicly commit to immediately end your support for all new fossil fuel projects, including exploration, extraction, transportation and power;
  • publish a robust plan for phasing out your support for all existing fossil fuel projects and companies on a timetable consistent with what is necessary to meet the Paris targets.

Tell RBC to Stop Funding Climate Chaos

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