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Choose Climate, Reject Teck. It's A NO-Brainer, Below2C

Choose Climate, Reject Teck. It’s A NO-Brainer

At the recent COP25 climate talks in Madrid, Canada told the world that climate action is our number one priority. The Trudeau government promised...
Greta in Davos: Our House Is Still On Fire, Below2C

Greta in Davos: Our House Is Still On Fire

"One year ago, I came to Davos and told you that our house is on fire. I said I wanted you to panic. I've...
Ban The Fossils From Climate Talks Starting With #COP26 in Glasgow, Below2C

Ban The Fossils From Climate Talks Starting With #COP26 in Glasgow

In order for climate talks to succeed, organizers must ban the fossil fuel industry—the fossils—from all future climate conferences starting with COP 26 (Conference...
It's Time To Stop The Money Pipeline, Below2C

It’s Time To Stop The Money Pipeline

A new campaign has been launched to "stop the money pipeline". The campaign targets Wall Street which it claims is financing climate destruction and...
The Justin Trudeau Climate Playbook Version 2.0, Below2C

The Justin Trudeau Climate Playbook Version 2.0

Please allow me to introduce Version 2.0 of the Justin Trudeau Climate Playbook. Version 1.0 came just after the COP21 climate talks that led...
Carbon Pricing Is The Best Tool To Bridge Canada's 2030 Emissions Gap, Below2C

Carbon Pricing Is The Best Tool To Bridge Canada’s 2030 Emissions Gap

Climate change emerged as a top-tier issue in Canada's October federal election. According to post-election polling done by Clean Energy Canada, two-thirds of Canadians...
The Bright Star In A Year of Dire Climate Warnings. Below2C

The Bright Star In A Year of Dire Climate Warnings

The strongest message on Climate in 2019 did not come from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Nor did it come from climate...
The 2010s Were The Most Devastating Decade Yet, Below2C

The 2010s Were The Most Devastating Decade Yet

Let's go back in time. The date is January 1, 2010 – the beginning of a new decade. The 2000-2009 decade (the 2000s) that...
We Pick Climate Hope Over Climate Despair, Below2C

We Pick Climate Hope Over Climate Despair

There are two ways to look back at what 2019 showed us about the climate crisis. On one side, there's the climate despair that...
It's the 2020s And We 're In A Climate Emergency. OMG, Below2C

It’s the 2020s And We’re In A Climate Emergency. OMG

In this Oped, first published in Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, Stephen Leahy maintains that "the climate emergency should be an OMG moment for Canadians...
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