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Canada pushes the Fossil Path Again: Full Speed Ahead on Blue Hydrogen

The colour of hydrogen matters. Canada’s hydrogen future as outlined in its December 2020 Hydrogen Strategy Report will be predominantly based on blue hydrogen —...
Trudeau Mandates Key Ministers To Be Bold and Ambitious on Climate, Below2C

Trudeau Mandates Key Ministers To Be Bold and Ambitious on Climate

Many Canadian activists and environmentalists continue to struggle with the gulf between Justin Trudeau's dazzling climate promises and the reality of a climate plan...
Natural Gas Is Really A Bridge To Nowhere, Below2C

Natural Gas Is Really A Bridge To Nowhere

Natural gas is often viewed as the clean fossil fuel because its burning emits much less emissions than coal and oil—50 to 60 percent...

Canada Is Doubling Down on Fossils

Canada is doubling down on fossil fuel infrastructure expansion. In May the Trudeau government bought a pipeline -- Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain project --...
Ontario Politics - What Voters Need To Know, Below2C

The Political Risk Of Falling Short On Climate And The Environment

Public opinion on climate change and the need to protect our environment is shifting and politicians who ignore this issue do so at their...
Meat Taxes Are Highly Probable In The Near Future, Below2C

Meat Taxes Are Highly Probable In The Near Future

Emissions from livestock account for 14.5% of human-caused GHGs (greenhouse gases) according to a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) study – total of...
Tracking The Climate Impact of A Hamburger, Below2C

Tracking The Climate Impact of A Hamburger

We are pleased to welcome Caroline Jones as a guest contributor to Below2°C. Caroline is a researcher at the Climate and Development Lab at Brown...
The Crisis of Our Global Civilization, boomer, warrior

The Crisis of Our Global Civilization

I'm pleased to welcome Kevin Hester as a new contributor to BoomerWarrior.Org. Kevin lives near Auckland, New Zealand. He believes that "abrupt climate change will lead...
The Planet is Baking, boomer warrior

The Planet is Baking Under Relentless Heat

The planet is baking under relentless heat. We have severe dry conditions and droughts in broad areas around the entire globe. There is no end in...
Barack Obama - the Climate President, boomer warrior

Barack Obama – the Climate President

This post is reproduced from the Climate Reality Project. I'm a Climate Leader (Chicago2013). The article highlights President Obama's top five climate accomplishments. Some, including...