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Don’t Attend COP 28 Unless You’re There to Help, Figueres Tells Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies shouldn’t bother showing up at global climate negotiations later this year unless they’re ready to help deliver on real emission...

Poilievre Could Dial Back Canada’s Climate Gains, Globe Editorial Warns

“Canadians need to be wary” of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s anti-climate action stance, the Globe and Mail warns in a recent editorial, while...

Forget lithium: are zinc batteries a better way forward?

Hotter summers, drier forests, rising waters: climate change is not just a threat to our future, it’s hurting our world right now. While there are many ways...

Want to make EVs more accessible? Share them

Gloria Huerta remembers the day she spent hours hopping between Chevy Bolts, messing with SIM cards and software while following instructions sent by a...
Canada is Planet Wrecker Number Two, Below2C

Canada is Planet Wrecker Number Two

A new report titled “Planet Wreckers”, shows how just 20 countries are responsible for nearly 90% of carbon dioxide pollution threatened by new oil...

EVs Take 25.7% Share In France — Tesla Model Y Top

August saw plugin EVs take 25.7% share of the auto market in France, up from 21.0% year on year. The volume of full electric...

Heat Pumps Up To 3 Times More Efficient In Cold Conditions

Heat pumps work fine in cold weather and can save customers lots of money on heating bills by working more efficiently. 

Wildfire ‘Tipping Point’ Set to Double or Triple Canada’s Climate Emissions

A devastating year of wildfires will double or triple Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2023, a Natural Resources Canada scientist says.  ​      ​  ​   ​  ​  


Turning yellow school buses green - kickstart auto industry

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Nearly all buses run on diesel fuel, a potent source of emissions responsible for a broad range of health impacts and a vast amount of Canada’s GHGs.

‘A victory for us’: Ontario youth celebrates U.S. climate case win

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Young climate activists’ recent legal victory in a Montana court case shows “climate litigation is progressing in a good direction all over the continent.” Alex Neufeldt

5 system-changing ways to fight rising energy bills in heat waves

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It’s time for Ontario decision-makers – public, private, community – to make the decision to rethink and reinforce our top-down grid from the bottom up.

EU fossil fuels for electricity falls 17% to ‘record low’

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The amount of electricity generated by fossil fuels across the European Union (EU) fell to its lowest level since records began in the first six months of 2023


Canadian pension funds ignore rapid rise in climate dangers

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Canadian pension funds with hundreds of billions in assets are ignoring the threat to their members’ retirement security as the global climate heats up.

Banks spending trillions to finance causes of climate crisis

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With 20 times more money going to fossil fuel and industrial ag projects than climate solutions “the world’s money is flowing in the wrong direction,” says ActionAid

Now's the time for pensions must lead on phasing out fossil fuels

The only truly responsible investing decision is to stop risking our retirement savings and our climate on oil and gas companies.


Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once. All Hands on Deck!

Eight years and countless climate disasters since the Paris agreement was finalized, there’s been some halting progress, but not nearly enough.

Don't Let Climate Grief Defeat Our Climate Solutions

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A summer of wildfires, smoke alerts, heatwaves, and storms is producing a new wave of grief and despair that must not paralyse the solutions to get the climate crisis under control.

Would You Buy a Used Energy Strategy from This Guy?

Suncor CEO Rich Kruger wants to double down on oil sands production while Canada burns and the world bakes. Investors are thrilled. What planet do they think they live on?


Canada Is On Fire – Letter by Seniors for Climate Action Now

Canada Is On Fire - Open Letter by Seniors for Climate Action Now, Below2C
Open Letter to Governments regarding the wildfires raging across Canada. We call on you to take emergency measures now to offset the climate impacts.

Gathering a grey brigade for climate action. Seniors Get It.

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It often feels hard to know if we are making a difference and all of us feel the urgency. Seniors get it. Our grandkids deserve a healthy planet. What will be our legacy?

Worried about grandkids' future, seniors joining the climate fight

"The level of engagement and the form of it among older people seems to be changing dramatically," according to Roland Montpellier, co-founder of Below2C.Org.
"The level of engagement and the form of it among older people seems to be changing dramatically," according to Roland Montpellier, co-founder of Below2C.Org.

It’s The Fault Of Our Generation. Grandmothers Taking Action

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We had not realized how complicit we were in the climate crisis. It really struck us that we’re part of the problem, and that we better get on to being part of the solution.




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The draft Clean Electricity Regulations still allow for further gas-fired electricity generation if plants build out carbon capture infrastructure.

Send a Letter to the Editor

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The fossil fuel industry is the arsonist behind the devastating climate disasters sweeping Canada and the globe. We need bold, transformative climate action now.

Big polluters are causing climate disasters

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Send a clear message: polluters need to pay for fuelling climate change, aggravating extreme weather, and worsening wildfires.