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Eco-anxiety and climate grief may very well be the new mental health crisis. Millions of young people around the world are struggling with real fear about their future. In the age of climate-anxiety, elders can ease despair and proxy vote for underage youth.

In the Age of Eco-Anxiety, Adults Can Proxy Vote for Youth, Below2C

Eco-Anxiety and Climate Grief – the New Mental Health Crisis

With increasing levels of Eco-anxiety & depression, songwriter Larry Pegg describes how Canada’s elder generations can comfort distraught youth (by proxy), at the polls. “Our simple philanthropic gesture? Reach out & listen, then vote for the future of those who cannot,” says Pegg.

“September 27, 2019, Canadians watched kids, many under sixteen, march for “Climate Emergency” ACTION. Collectively, they pleaded for politicians’ help. In support, all parties marched with them, except for Conservatives, an astounding, disconnecting rebuke.”

This music video brings attention back to ACTION and INACTION on Climate by remembering and celebrating the courage and inspiration of young people who led the world in the CLIMATE MARCHES that took place in 183 countries on September 27, 2019.

Larry Pegg Music
Music Video link #CarbonCrime
September 2, 2021

(To support this message, Pegg uses Neil Armstrong’s moon-landing voice in his new music video, a collage celebrating kids to help convince elders to make the ultimate gesture.)

“World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10, each year. We know the 2021 election outcome is pivotal for young peoples’ Mental Health (MH). Conservative’s (just-released) MH plan fails to connect their historic Climate INACTION with these serious MH impacts. They’ve cooked up a recipe for hopelessness,” says Pegg.

In response, Pegg offers his thesis: “If people are worrying about the earth’s & democracy’s fragility, if kids are needing hope, then bringing generations together on Climate (by proxy voting) is an opportunity to transfer the values of civic responsibility & selflessness, while boosting thousands of kids.”

You Can Be a Climate Proxy for Youth

“The proxy, a grandparent, parent, or trusted friend, listens to a young person’s Climate concerns, then votes for Climate ACTION on behalf of the child. Voting “in trust” for these largely forgotten kids costs nothing and will mean everything to them, a powerfully instructive, validating moment,” says Pegg.

He points out, “Elders’ show up for the many who gave their lives for young people’s future, including the right to vote. From nuclear weapons threats to global conflict, elders understand existential fears, including the recent COVID carnage in nursing homes.”
Pegg concludes: “The world’s in crisis. Like it or not, the Carbon era is dying. We must urgently transition to a cleaner future before it’s too late. It’s not about partisan politics – it’s about survival.”

The physical and MH toll on youth is another reason for ACTION in this election. The decision should be easy. The party presenting the most feasible, decisive plan for Climate ACTION should get our vote, period.”

(This article was previously published in Cision news service. For further information: Pegg can be reached at 613-769-8869

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