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Fossil Banks No Thanks is the slogan—rallying cry—for a national action day targeting Canada’s five Big Banks for their role in financing the climate crisis. The event, scheduled on Friday, January 29, will expose RBC as the worst Canadian bank backing fossil fuels, financing over C$178 billion since Paris, making it the fifth largest bank funding fossils in the world. TD is second worst at C$131 billion, making it the eighth largest on the planet.

Fossil Banks No Thanks, Below2C

Canada’s big 5 banks – RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC, and Scotia – have collectively financed over C$610 billion in fossil fuel projects since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed. The amount is growing every year, and will jump significantly once 2020’s numbers are added in.

RBC is the WORST

Here is some messaging you can use to support Fossil Banks No Thanks on social media:

We demand RBC stop bankrolling fossil fuels and respect Indigenous Rights. The climate crisis needs immediate action. It’s time RBC realizes a real ‘climate blueprint’ means not investing billions in projects that destroy our climate.

RBC is burning down the Paris Agreement by financing over $178 billion Cdn in fossil fuel projects since 2016. At a time when banks should steer clear of projects that damage our climate, RBC is the biggest fossil fuel bank in Canada and the fifth biggest in the world.

No amount of slick PR can hide that RBC invests billions in fossil fuel projects. If RBC truly believed in ‘better banking’ it would start by dropping fossil fuel financing.

While RBC is the worst Canadian backer of fossil fuels, all 5 major Canadian banks need to stop financing fossil fuels. Canadian banks’ existing green pledges – like TD’s “net zero by 2050” – are meaningless greenwashing because none have committed to rapidly phasing out fossil fuel financing, as climate science demands.

Together, Canada’s big five banks have financed over $610 billion Cdn in fossil fuel projects since 2016. This includes financing projects that violate Indigenous Rights, like Coastal Gas Link, which all five big Canadian banks are invested in.

If Canadian banks’ truly care about the climate, as their websites and press releases claim, they need to stop making empty PR promises and take real action. Canadian banks need to put their money where their mouth is and stop financing fossil fuels.

Social Media to Tag

Twitter: @rbc

Twitter: @td_canada

Twitter: @scotiabank

Twitter: @bmo

Twitter: @cibc

Sample tweets:

Main hashtag: #FossilBanksNoThanks
Supporting hashtags:#FireYourFossilBank, #BankSwitch, #QuitRBC

Since the Paris Agreement, @rbc has pumped more than $178 billion into fossil fuels, undercutting our collective climate action. It’s time to #QuitRBC. #FossilBanksNoThanks #FireYourFossilBank

Canada’s @rbc is not only the 5th biggest funder of fossil fuels IN THE WORLD, it’s also funding projects that violate Indigenous Rights like Coastal Gas Link and Line 3 #QuitRBC #FossilBanksNoThanks #FireYourFossilBank #BankSwitch

Since the Paris Agreement, the top 5 Canadian banks have pumped more than $630 billion into fossil fuels, undercutting our collective climate action. #FossilBanksNothanks #bankswitch @bmo @rbc @td_canada @scotiabank @cibc

Canada’s big 5 banks are violating Indigenous Rights by funding fossil fuel projects like Coastal Gas Link, Line 3, and the Dakota Access Pipeline. #FossilBanksNothanks @bmo @rbc @td_canada @scotiabank @cibc

When enough is enough….

Find out more about your bank and then get involved. Join a campaign, write a letter to your branch manager or the CEO of your bank and then start using the right tools to move your money.

To find out more about your bank, click on Canada’s Big Five #FossilBanks

And then, join the #FireYourFossilBank Campaign

Write a letter to your bank: RBC, TD, BMO, Scotia, CIBC

If you’ve had enough with your fossil bank, here are Tools To Move Your Money

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