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I'm a Climate Activist Because of An Inconvenient Truth, boomer warrior

I’m a Climate Activist Because of An Inconvenient Truth

The release of An Inconvenient Truth is 2006 would change my life. As I watched in horror how climate change would impact future generations,...
Consequences of Abrupt Climate Change, boomer warrior

On the Brink of Abrupt Climate Change

Suppose that your mom is sick. None of her brothers, sisters or children have taken her complaints seriously. Everybody has carried on with their...
Top Indicators Our Climate Change is Permanent, boomer warrior

Top Indicators Our Climate Change is Permanent

As a Climate Reality Leader, I like to feature blog pieces from the multiple resources of the Climate Reality Project. (Rolly Montpellier ~ BoomerWarrior...
2°C of Global Warming Highly Dangerous, boomer warrior

2°C of Global Warming Highly Dangerous

In this post, Paul Beckwith provides his observations about the global warming path we are on based on the current volume of greenhouse gases...
Al Gore, The Future

"They Have Set an Ambush for Themselves"

This article/video was previously posted on November 22, 2012. It was re-posted at the start of the Chicago Climate Reality Leadership Training event which...
President Obama speech on climate action plan

How to Implement a Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan set out below could be implemented immediately in any country, without the need for an international agreement to be reached...