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Solar and Wind Power - The Sky's the Limit, Below2C

Solar and Wind Power – The Sky’s the Limit

“The world does not need to exploit its entire renewable resource — just 1% is enough to replace all fossil fuel usage. Each year...
3 Reasons To Have #ClimateHope, Below2C

3 Reasons To Have #ClimateHope

Climate change is not abstract. It is real. And we cannot just look away. There's no way back to the other side of this....
Top Solar Energy Myths, boomer warrior

Top Solar Energy Myths

More energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is used by everyone in the world in one year. And...
The Mandate Letters, boomer warrior

The Mandate Letters

Following the release of the Mandate Letters in November 2013, Celine Bak of Analytica Advisors forwarded the following summary message to clean energy entrepreneurs....
Why Renewables are Inevitable, boomer warrior

Why Renewables are Inevitable

Carbon pollution is being dumped into our atmosphere at unprecedented and unregulated rates, and it’s costing us. We’re paying in dollars, in lives, in...
Solar roadways coming soo

Solar Roadways Coming Soon

I've just recently heard of "solar roadways". My first reaction was quite skeptical. "Another unworkable concept," I thought. Perhaps not so nonsensical after all....