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Eco-anxiety is very real. There is a clear link between climate change and mental health. A 2017 report by the American Psychological Association outlines these links and also provides a series of tips and strategies to support individuals and communities suffering from the psychological effects of climate.

This post introduces Larry Pegg, an Ottawa resident whose life has been touched by an unimaginable personal trauma very few of us will ever know. Larry is a musician and climate activist who is bringing attention to the growing despair of youth facing climate change and an uncertain future.

#NoMoreCarbonCrime #LetTheLightShine
Published October 17, 2019
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This music video is a celebration of human courage and spirit inspired by concerned and informed young people striking in 183 countries around the world.

The following message was sent by Larry to most (313 out of 338) Green candidates across Canada.


I am extremely concerned about the #MentalHealth of young people in Canada as it pertains to the outcome of this federal election. That’s why I’m writing to ask you to do a few things NOW because I really believe that your actions will help save young people’s lives—lives that may hang in the balance of this election outcome on October 21st.

First: Play this new music video entitled #NoMoreCarbonCrime. It celebrates the one million climate marchers who took to Canadian streets on September 27th. It was epic!

Second: Click and read this news story about why I am concerned. It explains it well. In a nutshell, ZERO Conservative Party leaders showed up or even mentioned these wonderful young people who are genuinely worried about their future, just like the Scientists are worried. We all know this is called #EcoAnxiety. We now know that Conservatives en masse #DidNotShowUp4KIDS. That is a despicable act and a failure of their duty to protect ALL Canadians. To use the words of Greta Thunberg, “How Dare You!”

Third: If you agree with this powerful message, then share it NOW across all your social media platforms. At least you can say you tried to help Young People have hope on October 22 and beyond. Here’s my Twitter message. Please retweet.

I’m also on Instagram and Facebook.

Fourth: be a proxy for the amazing young people who are not yet able to VOTE but have earned every right to. I have joined Mia Beijer founder of #FutureRisingOttawa and her troop of #ClimateStrikers 3 times including today. Here’s this brave young girl that just won’t give up.

Our challenge as adults is to help youth channel their despair and anxiety into positive actions that provide hope and a sense of accomplishment. Being passive leaves decisions about climate change to others. And that has not worked out very well so far. ~ Below2C

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