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Ten Climate Reasons To Defeat Doug Ford, Below2C

Ten Climate Reasons To Defeat Doug Ford

"Premier Doug Ford is making the climate crisis worse. His government’s arrogance, climate recklessness and willful negligence, threatens our future. His government, consisting of...
Wake Up Ontario! Beware of Doug Ford's 33 Climate Crimes, Below2C

Wake Up Ontario! Beware of Doug Ford’s 33 Climate Crimes

During the next four weeks, voters in Ontario will decide whether to re-elect a government which is flat out Canada's worst climate laggard, or...
Ontario and Doug Ford's Bogus Climate Plan, Below2C

Ontario and Doug Ford’s Bogus Climate Plan

The eventual success (or failure) of Canada's climate plan depends on each of the ten provinces and three territories doing their respective share of...
The Carbon Sticker War, Below2C

The Carbon Sticker War

The carbon tax is one of the most efficient and effective tools to reduce carbon emissions. It's a way to price pollution, especially carbon...