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Franke James, To my Future Grandkids in 2020,visual essay, copyright Franke James

Which Way Do We Go From Here?

Desmond Berghofer's Blog, GrandparentsForTheFuture "tells how humanity strove to become a controlling force over nature. It is not a noble story; but neither can...
President Obama speech on climate action plan

How to Implement a Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan set out below could be implemented immediately in any country, without the need for an international agreement to be reached...
human destiny, a search for knowledge

The Five “Es” of Human Destiny

The collective future in which our grandchildren will live is already largely determined, but not entirely. Like the future that awaited us when we were...
evolution of man

The Maturation of the Human Species

Mike Nickerson is an accomplished author and creator of SustainWellbeing.  Mike rightfully points out that "there are no longer vast new frontiers to move to...