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California - Drought Fixes or Race to the Bottom, boomer warrior

California – Drought Fixes or Race to the Bottom

According to the United Nations, desertification and drought affected one third of the planet surface and over 1.5 billion people globally in 2012. In...
Harnessing the Power of Climate Truth, boomer warrior

Harnessing the Truth About Climate

This post features Part 2 of Margaret Klein's (Climate Psychologist) paper on The Transformative Power of Climate Truth. Part 1 dealt with the power of truth for...
Peak Water, boomer, warrior

Peak Water. Are We Running Out?

There is a lot of water on planet Earth - 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons (329 trillion gallons), or 1,260,000,000,000,000,000,000 litres. About 70 percent of the planet...
The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Done, boomer warrior

The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Done

The following article (by David Suzuki and Ian Hannington of the David Suzuki Foundation) entitled The Movement for Environmental Rights is Building has been circulated by...
Six Graphs That Tell the Climate Change Story, boomer warrior

Six Graphs Tell the Climate Change Story

The central message of the latest IPCC report is stark and clear. Humanity must phase out fossil fuels by 2050 to avoid dangerous run-away...
Mother Earth & Man: A New Outloook, boomer warrior

Mother Earth and Man: A New Outlook

“The Gaia Theory” by James Lovelock and Lyn Margulis states that our planetary system is a non-sentient living entity, which via its component parts...
leap of faith

Thought Traps and Thought Leaps

In a previous post - From Economic Mind to Eco-Mind - Desmond Berghofer (grandparentsfortheturure) is inspired by Frances Moore Lappe's use of the phrase...
Where will the grandchildren live

Where Will the Grandchildren Live?

"Where Will the Grandchildren Live" is the title of a letter written by Mike Nickerson to his granddaughter, Lillian. It could easily be the...
Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise

This video takes you inside the world of the spectacular birds of paradise found primarily on the island of New Guinea. Birds of Paradise...
To Save the Environment, We Must Grow Businesses

From Economic Mind to Eco-Mind

In this post Desmond Berghofer describes our preoccupation with perpetual economic growth at the expense of our environment. He compares the concepts of economic...