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Lord Man - The Call of More, boomer warrior

Lord Man – The Call of More

I worry that one of the leading causes of global warming, the world's exploding population, was largely ignored at the recent climate talks leading up...
Earth Overshoot Day - My Pledges for the Planet, boomer warrior

Earth Overshoot Day – My Pledges for the Planet

Humans have now reached Earth Overshoot Day 2016. In less than eight months, we have used more natural resources than the planet is capable...
Standing Shoulder to Shoulder - the Overpopulation Crisis, boomer warrior

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder – the Overpopulation Crisis

The problems of overpopulation, overdevelopment and overshoot continue to be largely ignored in discussions about global climate action.  As a 'book champion', 'campaign activist' and 'campaign...
The Illusion of Progress

The Illusion of Progress

This post is largely inspired by A Short History of Progress authored by Ronald Wright. The title of the article, The Illusion of Progress...
Have You Got 4 Minutes

The Population Explosion In Four Minutes

In this video, Hans Rosling shows the correlation between health (life expectation) and the wealth of countries, which has caused the population explosion. If you...
G8 Summit

G8 – Wake the f*#k Up!

I'm angry, I'm frustrated and I can no longer just accept the things I cannot change. I WANT TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CANNOT...
Paul Ehrlich formula, TEI = P x UC/hp x EE -1,

World Balance Sheet

I am pleased to welcome Lee Norton, a new Blogger on BoomerWarrior. Lee is a presenter for The Climate Project - Canada. He has given over 75...
evolution of man

The Maturation of the Human Species

Mike Nickerson returns as a Blogger in BoomerWarrior. Mike is an accomplished author and creator of SustainWellbeing. (Editor of BoomerWarrior) Mike rightfully points out that "there...