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Solar + Battery Price Killing #Coal #NaturalGas #Nuclear, Below2C

Solar + Battery Price Killing #Coal #NaturalGas #Nuclear

The latest on renewables is all good. Or is it? Mark Jacobson, the developer of transition to 100% renewables roadmaps for some 139 countries...
"White Elephants" Canada, US, UK Wasting Billions On Energy Projects, Below2C

“White Elephants” – Canada, US, UK Wasting Billions On Energy Projects

We are pleased to welcome Jeremy Leggett as a contributor to Below2°C. Jeremy describes himself as a social entrepreneur and writer. His long list of...
Solar Power: Here Comes The Sun, Below2C

Solar Power — Here Comes The Sun

To say that the solar energy sector is on fire would be an exaggeration. But solar power is unquestionably the front runner in the...