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We are pleased to welcome Jeremy Leggett as a contributor to Below2°C. Jeremy describes himself as a social entrepreneur and writer. His long list of achievements and awards is quite impressive. You can find out more about him at Future Today.

His first piece in Below2°C is a short true-story-of-the-day, in pictures and charts, relaying almost incomprehensible political gymnastics by three governments in one week: two of which profess to be champions of climate-change action.

The Three White Elephants

The UK, US, and Canadian governments all tried to bail out uneconomic and/or stranded fossil fuel and nuclear projects with many billions in public funds. This short true-story-of-the-day looks at the extent of the waste.

Just the three sad acts by the US, UK and Canadian governments considered here (with conservative assumptions) would be set to waste the equivalent of some 10% of the global renewable investment pool. This is difficult to understand in a world where the effect of current policies has us heading for around 3 degrees of global warming by 2100.

Rana Adib, Executive Secretary of REN21 [Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century] warns of “complacency….we are coasting along as if we had all the time in the world. Sadly we don’t.”

This article was first published in Future Today.

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