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Anne Lappe of Food MythBusters has launched a second animated movie that takes on the myth of personal choice and exposes the harmful impact of marketing to kids. “We believe that marketing targeting children and teenagers is a public health crisis,” says Anne Lappe. BoomerWarrior is pleased to feature this disturbing video about the pervasive influence of food marketers on the young minds of children and teenagers.

Source: Food MythbustersFrom the Video

  • Food companies tell us they’re just doing their job, serving up what kids really want.
  • But are those foods really what kids want or are they what corporations are pushing on kids?
  • Food corporations spend nearly $2 billion per year on ads, promotions and sponsorships, specifically targeting children and teens on what’s cool to eat.
  • One of three kids eats fast foods every day.
  • Nearly half of calories that teens and kids eat are from fast foods.
  • Only 16 percent are getting enough fruits and vegetables.
  • Diet-related diseases are spiraling out of control – by the time students complete middle school, one out of three shows signs of diabetes.
  • A typical kid sees nearly 5,000 TV ads for foods and drinks every year.
  • Food experts have figured out the psychology of how kids think about food.

This video is pure genius. It will alarm you….

Published on September 26, 2013, standard YouTube license


Rolly Montpellier,

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  1. I’m planning on going into schools to talk to youngsters about healthy food choices.
    Do I need your consent to use this and other materials of yours. I’m not an IT buff so not sure how I’d transfer this film onto a big screen, any advice welcome.
    Many thanks,
    Judy Ward

    Head teacher UK, retired

  2. Judy – I encourage you to use any material I have on my website for the purpose of education students.

    The video in question is a YouTube video. I have embedded it on my site.

    The best way to show the video is to have access to the internet as you speak to students. You can then access this post on my site and play the video for the students. But you will need access to the internet.

    Good luck. Thanks for following BoomerWarrior


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