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What is Your Reason to #LeaveSteve2015, boomer warrior

The videos in this post are from three different Canadians each with their own personal reasons to #LeaveSteve2015.

#LeaveSteve2015 – Sandra Harris

I believe you are guilty of crimes against Canada and its people. I believe you are guilty of lying and cheating the people of Canada. Your agenda serves corporatism, fascism, war, oil and the one percent. You’ve shown us through your lies, corruption and deceit that we can never be too comfortable, because someone like you will be waiting in the wings to destroy all that we hold Canadian. Shame on you!

Sandra Harris – grandmother, mother, advocate

Published on Jun 5, 2012
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#LeaveSteve2015 – Kevin Page

There’s no trust in the Prime Minister’s Office now after a chief of staff wrote a cheque to a senator. There’s no trust in the senate right now because of spending scandals. There’s very little trust in the House of Commons now that they don’t scrutinize spending. The public service has been sadly degraded. We’ve hit rock bottom.

Dirty Secrets (former parliamentary budget officer)

Reflections of Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page
Published on Jan 12, 2015
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#LeaveSteve2015 – Tori Metcalf

I heard you say that you would protect the rights of girls but how can we really believe you? On TV, all I hear about is the murdered First Nations girls but you’re not doing anything about it. Some of those girls were the same age as me. That’s pretty scary! Seriously Stephen, what is your beef with girls?

Tori Metcalf – 12 year-old girl 

My reasons to #LeaveSteve2015 are all of the above and a thousand more. Will he stay or will he go?

Rolly Montpellier, boomer warriorRolly Montpellier is the Founder and Managing Editor of BoomerWarrior.Org. He’s a Climate Reality leader, a blogger and a Climate Activist. Rolly has been published widely – Toronto Star, The Hill Times, Kingston Whig, the PEN, UnpublishedOttawa, Climate Change Guide, World Daily, Examiner, The Canadian, 350Ottawa, ClimateMama, MyEarth360, GreenDivas, The Elephant, Countercurrents, Georgian Bay News.

He’s a member of Climate Reality Canada, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Ottawa) and 350.Org (Ottawa). You can follow him on FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.

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  1. Most people stop believing the Boogeyman is real and lurking under their beds or in their closets around Kindergarden age, so what does this say about someone who would believe what the Conservatives are preaching enough to actuall vote for them? Now that is a scary thought!

    • Exactly Don. Who are these people who believe the politics of fear pushed out by Stephen Harper. Are Canadians so insecure as to require someone like Harper to protect them? The real terrorism we see in Canada is not from the outside world but rather from a Prime Minister who rules with an iron hand and destroys all opposition standing in his way. Now that is terrorism.

      Thank you for your comment.


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