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A few years ago I ran across Steve Lee online. Our paths crossed on social media and we exchanged information on how each of us was actively engaged in various climate actions. At the time, Steve was working on a new initiative which he called the 3% Project.

And then at a recent Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada conference I attended, Steve was one of three youth panelists involved in advocacy work – climate, social justice and gender equality. I’m pleased to feature the 3% Project, an ambitious initiative to mobilize Canadian youth spearheaded by Steve. (The text and the images are sourced from the the 3% Project website).

The 3% Project

3% Project
Published on Jun 28, 2016
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The 3% Project mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth through 5 national tours across 400 towns in 2 years. 1 million young Canadians – that’s 3% of Canada – will be educated and empowered to solve climate change in their local communities. The result will be a nation-wide conviction that climate change is happening right now, that it is mainly caused by human activities, and that we’re the final generation with the opportunity to solve climate change.


While 79% of Canadians believe the earth is warming, only 44% believe that this warming is mostly a result of human activities. Americans are three times more likely to admit human activity for the changing climate than we are.

The 3% Project skillfully exposes the factors that lead to the climate indifference of Canadians:

    • We are not witnessing the worst impacts of climate change happening right now around the world;
    • Our over-dependency on oil sands creates a culture of “climate or my family”;
    • Active environmental groups are largely disconnected and cannot impact mainstream climate conviction;
    •  Youth need and want a holistic education on climate change, and
    • Without taking meaningful action, youth become climate indifferent.

The 3% Project focuses on public education as the key ingredient to mobilize Canadian youth. It’s a prerequisite to enact policies that match the ambition of the Paris Agreement


The 3% Project contacts youth leaders in schools. The youth leaders then invite 3% in coalition with other student clubs in the school to join an action project. This is followed by an assembly of partners to identify the Biggest Sustainability Challenge and design solutions. Climate education is provided through the assembly vehicle.

A sustainable implementation of the selected long-term action project requires mentorship and accountability. Regional Coordinators and teachers fulfill this role and 3% Project becomes a platform.


The 3% Project has 3 clear goals to empower the final generation that can solve climate change:

  1. Provide youth-friendly and holistic education on climate change;
  2. Empower youth to take action on solving climate change in
    their local communities today​, and
  3. Achieve more consensus across Canada that climate change is
    happening & mainly caused by human activities.

For more information about the 3% Project, please visit the website and/or download the 3% Handbook.

We urgently need a campaign that shakes the entire nation as waves upon waves in a short time span – 3% Project is designed to do exactly that.

Steve Lee is a 25-year-old climate change activist, a policy advocate to the United Nations, and a global speaker. He is the Executive Director of FES (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship) and its 3% Project. A prolific global speaker, Steve has represented Canadian youth on the issues of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Youth Empowerment at over a dozen international forums including G8 Summit, NATO, Facebook, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank.

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  1. You’re a wacko, Rolly Stop all this nonsense.
    Your “climate change” is a load of bollocks….Start here…
    Further down in this thread, here’s the comment which clarifies the LACK of any “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s atmosphere…..
    And in this thread, discover that adding more CO2 to the atmosphere, actually has a COOLING effect….
    Clicking onto my included links, there’s more interesting, entertaining and informative reading,
    Enjoy the read, Rolly.
    Sky Dragon Slayer’s Chief Public Relations Officer.

    • You are allowed your opinion even though it is based on grossly inaccurate information.

      When our world is in such climate peril, it’s unfortunate that people like you waste our time and energy. I will not read the nonsense you shared as links in your comment.

  2. talk about grossly inaccurate information. the worl has been changing for millions of years. if you want to help, encourage people to work with the change rather than trying to stop it. It is good that we acknowledge pollution and do something about it but to blame all this on the hydrocarbon industry that gave us our high standard of living is insane. For instance without hydrocarbons we would have virtually ZERO pharmaceuticals, and you wouldn’t be travelling about like you are used to. You are as hypocritical as David Suzuki.

    • Gary – what do you propose to do to stop the dumping of pollution into the atmosphere and our environment. Hydrocarbons will continue to serve a purpose of course but we don’t have to burn it for our energy. If we don’t look to other sources of clean energy, we will all perish. Doing nothing but calling people, who are trying to improve our quality of life,hypocrites is not a solution.

      Thank you for following Below2C

  3. Climate activism requires a depraved indifference to the world”s people who depend on fossil fuels and their development for their survival. All of this fluff about alternatives is just a giant eugenics project. There is no way at all to support 7-9 Billion people on this earth without fossil fuels…. And the alternatives simply do not exist.

    • I believe you’re sadly misinformed about the purpose of climate activism. It’s to save the planet and not fossil fuel jobs. Saving jobs that kill the planet does no good for anyone. People can be retrained and jobs can be replaced with new cleaner technologies. But we can’t replace our planet.

      Thank you for your feedback. And welcome to Below2C.


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