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The corona crisis that is sweeping the world is rich in lessons in crisis preparedness, and unfortunately, also rich with the consequences of unpreparedness. COVID-19 is front and center but the climate crisis has not stepped aside. As Prime Minister Trudeau said recently during a press briefing, “just because we’re in a health crisis doesn’t mean we can neglect the environmental crisis.”

A recent webinar with Mark Jaccard (author of “A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success”) organized by Climate Crisis Legislation NOW  is available below on the Webinar button.


Climate Crisis Legislation Needed NOW

Mark Jaccard is Professor of Sustainable Energy at Simon Fraser University and author of The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success, among other books. In his webinar he identifies the laws, regulations, etc. governments can/must use to cut CO2 emissions. He pinpoints the key policies that progressive/green activists should be urging the federal government to implement, as we try to save the planet.

Many of us don’t know enough about the workings of government, so we aren’t sure how to focus our demands and lobby effectively. We also need a clear understanding of what tools are available to governments, so we can push them to enact change.

Mark examines relevant government tools: carbon pricing, prescriptive and flexible regulations, sector-specific regulations, tax policies, etc. He also discusses which steps need to be taken first. He helps us devise a thoughtful, strategically sound Plan of Action for, during, and after COVID-19.

Progressives need to lobby governments to enact smart green policies, as soon as possible. We hope you watch and help spread the word. Click on the webinar button below.


(The above text has been sourced from the Eventbrite write-up for the webinar.)

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