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The world is beginning to come to grips with the climate crisis. The transition to clean energy is accelerating. The sense of urgency needed for humanity to face the most critical challenge of our times is mounting. There is hope but in the video that follows, Ingmar Rentzhog—founder of We Don’t Have Time—says “I am not here to talk about hope. I am here to talk about fear.”

I’m here to talk about the FEAR of Missing Out

Below2C/We Don’t Have Time
I’m Here to Talk About Fear – Ingmar Rentzhog
April 27, 2021

In this speech, Ingmar Rentzhog talks about the motivating power of fear. Not the fear of the impacts of climate change, not the fear of climate catastrophes but the fear of missing out. “The fear of missing out is how we conquer the fear of change and reach the critical mass to stop the climate crisis,” says Rentzhog.

You will want to listen to his speech right to the end.

I first encountered Ingmar Rentzhog when I joined We Don’t Have Time (WDHT)a few years back. Shortly after, I was asked to be a Canadian contact for the WDHT network. And Below2C has been a participating partner in each of the last two Earth Day online conferences hosted by WDHT and its partners and collaborators.

The fire alarm that causes no reaction

“The fire alarm that causes no reaction” video below is one of the most riveting talks I’ve ever heard. It was given at the Climate Emergency Plan seminar on November 24, 2018.

Ingmar Rentzhog, founder of We Don’t Have Time, comes on stage and the audience expects the usual welcome speech. They don’t get one. They get a fire drill. Watch why.

We Don’t Have Time
December 20, 2018

“We still have time to act, but we don’t have time to wait.” -Ingmar Rentzhog

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  1. I agree that the best way to leave the current system is to provide something better, not by fighting against the current system. AS for the rest, its too bad you cant see yourself as the monster scaring children. There is no man made climate change,, nor is the climate changing in a disasterous way. 1) The absorption spectrum of CO2 tops out at 50 ppm. 2) For the theory of CO2 trapping and re radiating heat to work, ther would have to be a layer of the troposphere warmer than the earth. Such a layer does not exist, and in fact temperatures drop with altitude. 3) Just look at the history. Weve had ten years to save the planet for the past 30 years. admit that your fire alarm is a false alarm.

    • Welcome to Below2C.

      You lost me after your first sentence. “There is no man made climate change,, nor is the climate changing in a disasterous way”. Anyone believing that does not live on the same planet as I do.


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