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This summer is breaking hundreds of temperature records producing heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, water shortages and electricity outages. But it’s not only doom and gloom. While the world is burning, climate frontrunners from all industries and from around the world are implementing innovative climate solutions to change the ways things have been done until now—showing political leaders that the solutions to solve the climate crisis already exist.

Climate Solutions From Around the World, Below2C
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Climate Solutions

In its popular Climate Love series, We Don’t Have Time features climate solutions that collectively will have an impact in the war on climate change.

Solar roof tiles

So-called “building integrated (solar) photovoltaic (BIPV)” energy technology is considered a keystone of distributed solar and renewable energy proponents’ grand vision of economies and societies powered primarily by local, zero-emissions renewable energy resources. Marking a prospective turning point in the market sector’s evolution, Tesla recently started taking orders for and installing its solar energy roof tiles and home solar PV-battery energy storage systems in the US and the UK.

An ambitious off-grid solar energy startup based in Nairobi, Kenya has developed and is installing its own, low-cost, locally made BIPV solar PV roof tiles and energy storage systems in the East African country. Reliably producing affordable, environmentally-friendly solar power and energy, the BIPV roofing system is enhancing energy service, energy security and resilience at the Gaitheri Secondary School in central Kenya’s Murang’a County, Thomson Reuters Foundation reported recently. Management is making plans to expand the organization and its reach much further.

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Free public transportation financed by tax on oil companies and banks

When in some countries politicians are having an auction on the price of gasoline—Sweden—in Spain the government is implementing other types of measures to fight inflation. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, announced the multi-trip tickets for Renfe trains on commuter and medium-distance trips will be free from September 1 to December 31.

“This measure encourages the use of this type of collective public transport to the maximum to guarantee the necessary daily trips with a safe, reliable, comfortable, economical and sustainable means of transport, in the midst of the extraordinary circumstances of a constant increase in the prices of energy and fuels,” the Spanish Transport Ministry said in a statement.

The measure will be partly funded by a temporary tax on energy companies and banks. The taxes on the banks and natural gas, electricity and petroleum companies are expected to bring in 7 billion euros over two years. Other measures include a discount for urban mass transit services.
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100% fossil-free structural boards and building elements

Together with RISE, IsoTimber and Moelven, Stora Enso has been working on the most recent development of NeoLigno – 100% fossil-free structural boards and building elements.

NeoLigno® is a bio-based binder that is made from lignin, an organic polymer that comes from wood. It is primarily suited to particleboard and insulation applications. Using a bio-based binder makes the end product both safer to make and safer to use—all without having to compromise on technical performance.
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Banning new gas stations

The Sonoma Valley city in California has started its journey to transit to a greener city by trying to cut its emissions and reducing the use of fossil fuels by banning the establishment of new gas stations. This decision will lead the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in the city. This is a good start towards realizing the transition to sustainable green energy.

Kudos to Sonoma Valley city and hopefully the entire State will emulate this example and transition to a fossil-free type of transport system.
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“If you have lung cancer, you stop smoking; if your planet’s on fire, you stop pouring gasoline on it.” — Andy Shrader, director of environmental affairs for Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz

Drones planting one billion trees by 2028

The planet needs to be massively reforested, preferably as soon as possible. Flash Forest, like many other similar startups, believes technology can help the world reach impressive goals to restore forests, stem biodiversity loss and fight climate change.

Thankfully, Flash Forest’s drones can help by planting trees a lot faster than humans—by firing seedpods into the ground.

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