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The following climate change cartoons are quite convincing. They can be a valuable aid in discussing the serious matter of the climate crisis we face with your friends or perhaps your elderly parents and of course your kids and grandchildren.

Showing a visualization can be very useful in understanding a subject – or even persuading someone of your point of view. And you don’t even have to quote scientific journals or lay out a ton of statistical data to prove your point.

I’m a Climate Reality leader (Chicago2013). I’m pleased to feature these visuals — climate change cartoons —  published on the Climate Reality website.

Climate Change Cartoons

So here are the best cartoons to explain climate change – and how we can solve it. Sometimes you just have to ask, “do I need to draw you a picture”?

1. So What Is Climate Change?


If you’ve heard Bill Nye explain the basics of climate change, you know that greenhouse gases, mainly released by the burning of fossil fuels, are causing the average temperature of our planet to increase. By the end of the century, it could be 4–5˚C warmer. So what’s the big deal? XKCD shows how just a few degrees can cause a huge shift.

2. The Signs Are Everywhere.


Let’s face it – the signs are everywhere. If these species could protest, they would – and Bird and Moon shows how it would look when a climate change denier is confronted with the wisdom of mother nature.

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3. Climate Change is Rough for People and Other Residents on the Planet.

Climate Change Cartoons - Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?, boomer warrior

As the seasons shift and unexpectedly extreme events become the norm, wildlife has to adapt – or die. Bird and Moon visualizes the climate change shuffle that species are trying to learn to stay alive.

4. Despite All the Evidence, Some People Still Don’t Get It.

Climate Change Cartoons - Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?

We’re seeing the signs more and more. Strange seasons, extreme weather, hotter heat waves, and species changing their behaviors just to survive. And yet every winter without fail, there’s that one guy who says “So much for global warming!” as soon as the thermometer drops below 32 degrees. XKCD puts the gradual shift into a human perspective.

5. Times, They Are A-Changin’.

Climate Change Cartoons - Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?, boomer warrior

Together, we’ve solved a lot of tremendous problems the world has faced, and made wondrous advances in the span of decades, or even years that naysayers swore could never happen. Just look at computers: They used to take up an entire room. Now they fit in the palm of your hand.

Not My Earth, Not My Problem demonstrates the stark difference between advances in our computer technology and advances in our energy systems. Which sparks the question: with all the incredible advances in wind and solar we’ve seen recently, why aren’t we making bigger and faster changes to our energy system?

6. We’re Big Fans of Renewable Energy.

Climate Change Cartoons, boomer warrior

We can make changes to our energy. In fact, the shift to power our lives – and the economy – with clean, renewable energy is already underway. As Bob Dylan said, the answer is blowin’ in the wind. We can transition from dirty, dated fossil fuel energy to clean sources like wind and solar power. And when it comes to that plan, we’ve got to say it: We’re big fans!

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For more climate change cartoons, see the full published article on Climate Reality.


climate ironyRolly Montpellier is the Founder and Managing Editor of BoomerWarrior.Org. He’s a Climate Activist and a blogger. He’s a member of 350.Org (Ottawa), Climate Reality Canada and Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Ottawa). Rolly has been published widely in both print and online publications. You can follow him on FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Pinterest.

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  1. Great ways to communicate complex issues in simplistic, effective diagrams…..well done Rolly.

    Interestingly, I just learned one of the main reasons wind power has not replaced the generation of electricity from oil and coal-fired power plants.

    Apparently, wind power generates a much higher voltage than current electricity lines can carry. Either the current distribution of electricity needs replacing with a more effective system (prohibitively expensive), or the current distribution power cables must be retrofitted in some way. I know a company currently looking into this and testing extensively at the moment. We need lots of positives like this at the moment!

    • Hi Colette,

      I’m quite amazed at the rapid evolution of renewable technology and we’re only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg to date. I didn’t know about the “higher voltage” issue of wind power generation. I’m confident however that this is not a setback. Battery storage progress is enormous and will certainly provide some solutions whereby stored power can be fed to the grid at a capacity it can transmit. Perhaps over simplistic on my part but it seems logical don’t you agree?

      Thank you for your comments.


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