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The Climate Atlas of Canada is a new resource available to all who want to be part of the climate solution. The Atlas has usable and handy tools to help us better understand what climate change is and how it affects us. But more importantly, it will help you take meaningful #ClimateAction. (This post is sourced primarily from the Atlas website).

The Climate Atlas of Canada combines climate science, mapping and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home for Canadians. It is designed to inspire local, regional and national action that will let us move from risk to resilience. Click here to read more about the about the atlas.

Earth is the warmest it has been for over 10,000 years. The threat we face is real and it’s mostly happening because of us. Modern humans now transcend the boundaries and limits of planet Earth. We need to take meaningful climate action and to do so, we need to understand how climate change works.

The following three maps of Canada show hot weather, very hot days (+30C) and high carbon levels for different time periods — the recent past, the next three decades, and the decades after 2050.

Canada Atlas Climate Maps

The Recent Past – 1976-2005

The Climate Atlas of Canada - Let's Take Meaningful #ClimateAction, Below2C

The Near Future – 2021-2050

The Climate Atlas of Canada - Let's Take Meaningful #ClimateAction, Below2C

Between 2050-2080

The Climate Atlas of Canada - Let's Take Meaningful #ClimateAction, Below2C

Unless Canada and the rest of the world get serious about tackling global warming, the scenario depicted by the three maps will occur. By burning increasing amounts of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution, we have changed the chemistry of our atmosphere. And continuing to do so is simply not an option.

Dave Sauchyn of the University of Regina says that Canadians will need to adapt to a much warmer climate. ” I think the solution is fairly obvious if you give any thought to the consequences of a changing climate… ultimately it’s going to take a behavioural change and quite a radical behavioral change. We have to divest ourselves of fossil fuels which is going to be a huge adjustment in the way we make a living especially in western Canada,” says Sauchyn in a recent Prairie Climate Centre video.

Take Action Now

Climate change is a large-scale problem but it’s also a direct result of our collective choices and actions. That means we can make a difference.

Our human species did not set out to damage our planet. We did not plan to bring mother nature to its knees. But using ignorance as an excuse is no longer acceptable.

Humans have known about the serious impacts on the planet caused by our high-carbon civilization for many decades. We know that burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases are driving climate change.

We have the solutions, we have the technology, we have the know-how. What is missing is the political will to make our world better. What is missing may be you. Will you please take action? Click on the button and fight for the climate. Our future depends on it.


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Share to raise climate awareness


  1. We have to stop thinking of our petroleum resources as a fuel to be burned and rather we should ensure our petroleum resources are directed to higher use values. There are lots of ways to generate low carbon electricity and lots of ways to generate heat and cool, that do not pump climate change creating toxins into the air. But if you want strong, light-weight carbon fibre, numerous useful fibres, industrial inputs, high strength plastics, petroleum resources can be employed without having to burn them.

    • Jef,
      I agree that there will continue to be “higher use values” for petroleum for generations to come. But even these should be replaced with non-petroleum products which will provide the same value and functionality. But let’s first stop burning the stuff. It’s killing the planet.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. In principle, an environmental atlas of Canada can be useful in eliminating warming. I give you a simplified scheme for eliminating warming.
    Quote: “The study shows that increasing CO2 creates a greater threat to the climate than warming,” the study said.
    “New research suggests that geoengineering efforts to encourage cooling and reduce temperatures are likely to help a little to prevent destructive extreme weather conditions.”
    Conclusion: separate target programs: withdrawal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; lowering the temperature of the planet; release into the atmosphere of aerosols, no positive results will be given. It’s a waste of money, and a waste of time.
    Excellent results are provided by comprehensive programs involving natural technologies, and in particular the technological chain: the production of cooled fresh water, and the replenishment of its rivers, lakes, and groundwater. – Water supply to desert territories, slopes of mountains, and slopes of hills. – Planting grass, and seedlings of trees.
    Such a program eliminates all degraded climatic parameters: Chilled water and grass – cool the soils, continental waters, and ocean waters. And they work for free for many hundreds of years.
    Tree seedlings destroy carbon dioxide and poisonous smog in the atmosphere. Moreover, every year more and more, and work for free for many hundreds of years.
    The first and most important thing is the meager costs. The money will go for the manufacture of water production plants, their installation and start-up. Everything else is done by natural technologies in a completely transparent and understandable way – because they work in selected modes for many millions of years.
    Sincerely, developer of environmental programs, Victor Rodin. Ukraine. Khmelnitsky NPP. Tel. Kiev Star: 961336344. Mail:
    — — —
    В принципе экологический атлас Канады может пригодиться при устранении потепления. Я даю вам упрощённую схему устранения потепления.
    Цитата: «Исследование показывает, что повышение CO2 создает большую угрозу для климата, чем потепление», говорится в исследовании.
    «Новые исследования предполагают, что усилия по геоинженерии, направленные на поощрение охлаждения и снижение температуры, скорее всего, мало помогут предотвратить разрушительные экстремальные погодные условия».
    Вывод: отдельные целевые программы: вывод углекислого газа из атмосферы; понижение температуры планеты; выброс в атмосферу аэрозолей, положительных результатов не дадут. Это – трата денег, и потеря времени.
    Прекрасные результаты дают комплексные программы с привлечением природных технологий, и в частности технологическая цепочка: Производство охлаждённой пресной воды, и пополнение её рек, озёр, и подземных вод. – Подача воды на пустынные территории, склоны гор, и склоны холмов. – Посадка травы, и саженцев деревьев.
    Такая программа устраняет все разрушенные климатические параметры: Охлаждённая вода и трава – охлаждают почвы, материковые воды, и воды океана. И работают бесплатно многие сотни лет.
    Саженцы деревьев уничтожают в атмосфере углекислый газ и ядовитый смог. Причём, с каждым годом всё больше, и работают бесплатно многие сотни лет.
    Первое и главное – мизерные затраты. Деньги пойдут на изготовление установок по производству воды, их монтаж и пуск. Всё остальное делают природные технологии совершенно прозрачно и понятно – ибо они работают в выбранных режимах многие миллионы лет.

    • Welcome to Below°C.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on other methods to reverse the warming of the planet. Although the idea certainly has merit, I think it will take every tool that we have at our disposal to reduce greenhouse gases including what you propose. Please share more information about your concept.

      Thank you for your comments.


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