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Wildfires are raging across the country, cities are choked by smoke and entire communities are being displaced. [1-3] The climate crisis is at our doorstep. In response to these catastrophic climate events, Prime Minister Trudeau said, “we simply have to be more aggressive in our thoughts”. [4] Quite frankly, it’s too late for thoughts. We need bold, ambitious action now.

(This post is sourced entirely from the Leadnow Open Letter drive).

Climate Crisis: Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Climate scientists, experts and advocates have been calling for the same thing for decades now. [5, 6] We know what needs to be done: an immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion and massive investment in a clean, green, economy that leaves no one behind.

The Liberals are gearing up for an election right now, so they’ll be paying close attention to what the public thinks. If we can use this opportunity to influence their electoral calculus with a massive open letter, we could convince them to level up their climate ambition and put a Just Transition for all at the top of their agenda — or risk losing support at a critical moment.

We know governments can respond quickly to emergencies — they mobilized quickly to implement emergency measures to support people through the COVID-19 crisis. As people on the frontlines of extreme climate events have made clear: the climate crisis is also an emergency. It’s time we start acting like it.

While it’s crucial we do everything we can to support communities affected by extreme climate events like wildfires and flooding, we must also do everything we can to prevent these catastrophes from happening in the first place.

The country is on fire — we need bold climate action now. That means:

  • An immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion projects;
  • Massive investments in a green economy, training oil and gas workers for sustainable and clean jobs;
  • Giving frontline and Indigenous communities actual decision-making power over the transition — not just ‘consultations’. [7]

Canada cannot claim to be a climate leader while fossil fuel expansion continues. We are the only G7 country whose emissions have gone up every year since we signed the Paris agreement. It’s unacceptable, and we’re facing the consequences now.

We urge you to finally take bold action at the scale the climate emergency requires. Future generations, and our planet depend on it.

Add your name to the Leadnow open letter calling for an immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion and massive investments in a clean, green, economy that leaves no one behind.


[2] see [1]

Canada: A Model of Climate Denial in Action
Message to Justin Trudeau: Canada’s on Fire – Act Like It
Accelerating Climate Impacts Setting Off Alarm Bells Worldwide

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  1. If we want to address the existential threat of rapidly accelerating global warming, the first step is the acceptance that this represents an existential threat and that we humans are the primary cause. The next prerequisite is a radical transformation of both individual and collective consciousness. As Einstein famously said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Then, we need to all come together as one and reverse, capture, and store carbon emissions. This means going from 417 ppm to 350 ppm. The costs are likely to be in the region of $100 trillion – half for reducing emissions and a half for capturing and storing emissions. Then we need to radically transform our lifestyles and our relationships with each other and with the planet. All this is predicated on a radical transformation of consciousness. As measured in the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness of 1 – 1,000, this means shifting from 160 to over 500 (the level of Love). This is a massive shift and we have very little time, perhaps 10 years at most. The good news is that we do have the processes for making a very rapid shift and then sustaining it. If you’re interested in participating in this process, see 🙂 <3

    • Michael – welcome to Below2C.

      We have the technology and the capital to do the transformation you speak of. I agree that it is doable. The really difficult part is the cultural/behavioral shift – “radically transform our lifestyles and our relationships with each other and with the planet”. Humans don’t seem ready to do the hard work to achieve this level of consciousness, and in failing to do so, it may lead to the extinction of our species.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Do you know why forest fires have intensified in the world? If you say that the reason is the consumption of fossil fuels, you are sorely mistaken. You are wrong to say that the melting of polar glaciers is due to the consumption of fossil fuels. Have you ever wondered why the global warming has intensified so much?
    Yes, as a result of 30 years of research, I know the answers to all these questions and the scientific solutions to all of them.
    When the world’s Illiterate scientists talk about global warming, it means that they do not pay attention to something more dangerous and even the cause. They have no knowledge that they are being suffocated by colloidal particles that are present in dust storms and cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are unaware that after the end of the dust storms, colloidal particles will still remain in the atmosphere, contrary to popular belief. They do not know that these particles are scattered on the earth like a layer of air and a thick blanket. Yes, they do not have a proper scientific explanation for how these dangerous colloidal particles may have a huge impact on increasing global warming and the density of airborne particles and suffocating humans. Yes, they have made a huge scientific mistake because they observe global warming without any prior knowledge of the behavioral properties of these particles in the atmosphere and their effect on tree drying and fire.
    Also how to explain to them that the effects of fossil fuel consumption are very small compared to the effects of hydrophobic colloidal particles on global warming and the destruction of living things!
    The main question now is how to make this vital issue of the planet understandable to the world’s Illiterate scientists so that a well-proven scientific solution can be presented to the world community?

      • Thank you for your answer.
        In 2012, I published the results of my 23-year research on the root causes of climate change catastrophes, in which I clearly stated the destruction of the environment in the Middle East and the world. I made it clear that year that the world’s scientists are like a rabbit in a catastrophic dream. Yes, they have turned their jobs from scientific research to statistics experts on the present and the past.
        Unfortunately, now in 2021, after the initial environmental catastrophes occurred in the mud caused by the flood and in the flames of the forests, they are looking for the bodies of the innocent people of their countries!
        You can read this scientific article carefully. Then send it to climate change scientists. I’m sure they think a little bit, and if they call me, I can talk to them and convince them through scientifically credible data to solve the problem of global warming. Even if they are not convinced and do not take any action, they should be told that we will live on Earth for a while and that the human race and all living things will soon become extinct.
        According to the IPCC, the consumption of fossil fuels and methane and even the effects of burning trees are considered as the main causes of global warming. If this is not the case, and according to accurate analysis and measurement by NASA research and maps, the effects of tiny particles from fossil fuels account for only ten percent of the Earth’s atmospheric pollution, and ninety percent of the components of these tiny particles are very dangerous by natural agents. This very important and vital issue is in fact the main root of our world suffocation, and this issue is much more catastrophic than the issue of global warming.
        In fact, it is only the effects of the Earth’s natural suffocation factors that have caused polar glaciers to melt and the world’s temperature to rise.
        These very dangerous colloidal particles, which are not visible and exist in a deadly invisible layer, act as an aluminum foil on a potato, suffocating living beings and cooking the planet in the presence of the sun.

        (The language of the report is Persian.)

  3. Sadly, Leadnow’s over-simplistic understanding of our existential crises does not even come close to approaching the gold standard of system synthesis excellence advanced by Dr. Nate Hagens (see, e.g. “The prolific, inimitable Nate Hagens strikes again: This time with a new book on the human predicament” : “This will be the century which tests the human potential for mediocrity against the human potential for greatness.” ).

    Also setting a high standard of excellence far beyond what Leadnow has on offer, check out the superb posts by physicist Dr. Tom Murphy on his blog “Do the Math” — which Leadnow never does. See, for example, Murphy’s 2021 445-page textbook, “Energy and Human ambitions on a Finite Planet” available free as a PDF download from the publisher at Alternatively, for a summary of Tom’s Do The Math posts, visit:

    Incidentally, Leadnow has never bothered to respond to my occasional feedback messages bringing to their attention the works of Hagens, Murphy, and other leading scientists. Consequently, Leadnow’s call “for an immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion and massive investments in a clean, green, economy that leaves no one behind”, is misinformed and misguided.

    • Frank – I’m a volunteer with Leadnow which as you know is a campaign organization trying to mobilize Canadians to take action and pressure their politicians to take action on a large number of environmental and socio-political issues. You keep referring to the deeper scientific work of Hagens and other leading scientists on the human predicament but we must mobilize a public that is at an elementary school age level of climate science and the physics and chemistry of climate change. It’s called keep it simple.

      Thank you for the feedback.


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