Indigenous Climate Justice in Canada, Below2C

Indigenous Climate Justice in Canada

Climate change aggravates the difficulties already faced by Indigenous communities in all regions of Canada particularly in the Arctic and Subarctic where they experience...
Human And Environmental Health Go Hand In Hand, Below2C

Human And Environmental Health Go Hand In Hand

A recent study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the University of California shows that climate change is affecting our health and...
The Story of a Plastic Spoon, Below2C

The Story of a Plastic Spoon

Most of us have often used a plastic spoon. And we really never question its origins. The video featured in this post traces the evolution of the...
A Planet to Die For, boomer warrior

A Planet to Die For

Have you ever thought about what you value so much that you'd be willing to die for? What immediately comes to my mind is that I would...
Parents In The Age of Climate Change, Below2C

Parents In The Age of Climate Change

“Climate change offers a unique parenting challenge: a steadily-rolling disaster to which we all contribute, punctuated by periodic events and mounting scientific evidence. It...
Meat Taxes Are Highly Probable In The Near Future, Below2C

Meat Taxes Are Highly Probable In The Near Future

Emissions from livestock account for 14.5% of human-caused GHGs (greenhouse gases) according to a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) study – total of...
Climate Activism has Emotional Consequences, boomerwarrior

Climate Activism Has Emotional Consequences

Twenty years ago, I read The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck. With his first sentence, “Life is difficult,” Peck (psychologist and bestselling author)...

It’s Time To Stop Fixing the Old and Start Building the New

What we are doing now to solve global problems—climate change, inequality, widespread violence, wars—is just not working. Instead of moving to a new paradigm,...
Oil Sector Propaganda Invades The Classroom, Below2C

Oil Sector Propaganda Invades The Classroom

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to the disinformation and outright deception coming from the oil sector propaganda machine,...
Plastic = Climate Change, Below2C

Plastic = Climate Change

Some of you will remember The Graduate (1967) starring Dustin Hoffman who played the character Ben, a young graduate attending a party. When asked...