The Unraveling of the Arctic, boomer warrior

The Unraveling of the Arctic

We've known for some time that global warming will eventually transform Arctic ice into an open expanse of blue water. In a July 2013 article,...
Plastic Madness, boomer warrior

Plastic Madness

The following article by David Suzuki (with contributions by Senior Editor Ian Hanington) is entitled Microbeads are a sign of our plastic consumer madness. It has...
Arctic Warming is Simply Alarming, boomer warrior

Arctic Warming is Simply Alarming

We have now entered the era of climate consequences. Arctic warming is simply alarming. Cassie Ito who is an admin colleague in Warriors for Environmental,...
What You Need To Know About Sea-Level Rise, Below2C

What You Need To Know About Sea-Level Rise

As our world becomes warmer and warmer, our seas will continue to rise. That's because the number one cause of sea-level rise is climate...
Ocean Acidification: Slow, Subtle But Deadly, boomer warrior

Ocean Acidification – Slow, Subtle But Deadly

This article deals with the nasty but quiet problem of ocean acidification. It was originally published on the Climate Reality site. As a Climate Reality...
The Planet's Largest Climate Sink is in Trouble, boomer warrior

The Planet’s Largest Carbon Sink is in Trouble

I'm pleased to welcome Stephen Leahy as a contributor to BoomerWarrior. Stephen is an independent environmental journalist and author of a new book, Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts...
I'm Obsessed With Plankton, boomer warrior

I’m Obsessed With Plankton

Plankton are a diverse group of organisms that provide a vital source of food to larger aquatic organisms such as fish and whales. In...
Top Indicators Our Climate Change is Permanent, boomer warrior

Top Indicators Our Climate Change is Permanent

As a Climate Reality Leader, I like to feature blog pieces from the multiple resources of the Climate Reality Project. (Rolly Montpellier ~ BoomerWarrior...
Convincing Steps And Compelling Actions On Climate, Below2C

Convincing Steps And Compelling Actions On Climate

The timeline for climate action is compressing. There are only 11 years and 3 months and 12 days before the start of 2030, the...
IPCC: Limits to Climate Adaptation, Below2C

IPCC: Limits to Climate Adaptation

"Humans are adapting to climate change, but it’s not even close to enough — and what little is being done becomes less effective as...