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Unsettling and Ominous -- The Climate Alarm Bells of 2016, World War III - The War On Warming, boomer warrior

Unsettling and Ominous – Climate Alarm Bells

Climate alarm bells should be going off in every country, every city, every household. We are losing ground as we struggle to fight climate change...
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to a Place Near You, boomer warrior

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to a Place Near You

The province of Ontario is fast emerging as the leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy in North America. Ontario has recently launched its Climate...
The Planet is Baking, boomer warrior

The Planet is Baking Under Relentless Heat

The planet is baking under relentless heat. We have severe dry conditions and droughts in broad areas around the entire globe. There is no end in...
Recycling Carbon Pricing Revenues, boomer warrior

Recycling Carbon Pricing Revenues

This post features excerpts from Choose Wisely, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission report on the options and trade-offs for recycling carbon pricing revenues. It’s an excellent...
Consequences of Abrupt Climate Change, boomer warrior

On the Brink of Abrupt Climate Change

Suppose that your mom is sick. None of her brothers, sisters or children have taken her complaints seriously. Everybody has carried on with their...
Another Black Eye for Canada on Climate Action, boomer warrior

Another Black Eye for Canada on Climate Action

It's another black eye for Canada's reputation in the global climate action community. Canada's post 2020 emissions targets are another disappointing sign in our...
The Unraveling of the Arctic, boomer warrior

The Unraveling of the Arctic

We've known for some time that global warming will eventually transform Arctic ice into an open expanse of blue water. In a July 2013 article,...
Why Energy East is Bad for the Climate - Top 7 Reasons, boomer warrior

Why Energy East is Bad for the Climate – Top 7 Reasons

If approved, the Energy East pipeline would stretch 4,600 kilometres from Alberta through Ontario to ports in Quebec and New Brunswick. Energy East would...