If I Was Canada's Prime Minister. My Bold New Climate Vision, boomer warrior

If I Were Canada’s Prime Minister. My Bold New Climate Vision

I'm pleased to welcome Guy Dauncey as a new contributor to Below2C. Guy is an author and futurist who works to develop a positive...
Fossil Fuel MegaProjects Falling Like Dominos in Canada, Below2C

Fossil Fuel MegaProjects Falling Like Dominos in Canada

Fossil fuel megaprojects -- pipelines, terminals, plants -- are quickly disappearing from Canada's energy landscape. Less than a year ago (November of 2016), the federal...
Justin Trudeau's Climate Action Charade, Below2C

Justin Trudeau’s Climate Action Charade

Canada is one of the few countries in the world to have adopted a national climate action plan – The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean...
Fossil Fuel Subsidies - The Dumbest Policy Of Our Times, boomer warrior

Fossil Fuel Subsidies – Dumbest Policy Of Our Times

A recent Editorial Board article by Bloomberg labelled fossil fuel subsidies as the world's dumbest policy ever. The delay by G20 leaders in eliminating fossil fuels...
The Great Canadian Carbon Pricing Saga, Below2C

The Great Canadian Carbon Pricing Saga

Source: YouTube Standard Licence, Published April 3, 2017 Carbon Pricing Saga The great Canadian carbon pricing saga started in the fall of 2016 when Prime Minister Trudeau delivered...
Will Cap and Trade Be a Cash Grab or a Freeze on Climate Change, boomer warrior

Canada’s National Carbon Price A Giant Leap Forward

Canada's new national carbon price is a giant leap forward. On October 3, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood in the House of Commons and...
Carbon Pricing is Not Enough. Need a National Carbon Council, Below2C

Carbon Pricing is Not Enough. Need a National Carbon Council

I'm pleased to welcome Member of Parliament Charlie Angus as a contributor to Below2C. In his article, MP Angus emphasizes Canada's need for a national...

Unprecedented Climate Mobilization Needed Now

Unprecedented Climate Mobilization is the title of a book just released by authors Elizabeth Woodworth and David Ray Griffin. Although I'm pleased with the launch of...
The Zero-Emission Vehicle Revolution, Below2C

The Zero-Emission Vehicle Revolution

Mohan Kumar is a climate advocate colleague. We have been members of the same local organizations in Ottawa such as Citizens' Climate Lobby and...
Climate Welcome - A Time for Bold Action and What You Can Do, boomer warrior

The Climate Welcome and What You Can Do

It’s a pivotal moment on our planet. 2015 has been defined by wildfires, floods and record breaking temperatures that made headlines across Canada and...